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By EWALT AINSWORTH                          03 18 2012

The life and lifestyles of rural and plural Guyanese has been reduced to the lowest common denominator; good means bad and bad means good.  Right now we have a good good government and all the PPP sharing to capars is bad bad deals, ideas and tremendous lowra.  The language is bad and the outcomes terrible.  There is not a replacement reservoir or talent pool to draw on.  FREEDUMB house has run out of steam and has squandered the money and missed great opportunities to retrieve disaffected Guyanese who migrated.  This Easter would see a steady flow of traffic with remigrants; they come to spend time.  They spending what they don’t have and come to transfer out their social security, pensions and monies from the genip tree, the breadfruit tree, and coconut that falling bip-bap and biddip-bap all over the land.

GT types not grating coconut any more.  They cooking with coconut milk from East Asia because they do not want to damage their finger nails.  They also are not washing their hair because of the fancy hairdo and they are not cooking crab and callaloo unless it comes in a can.  The food chain has changed and so too is the language.  The good virtues have become bad and the bad things have become good.  ASOMELYKAM.       Continue reading