LEH-AWEE-GET-AM (come let us get it)

LEH-AWEE-GET-AM (come let us get it)

By EWALT AINSWORTH                                          03 15 2012

Joey Jagan-Robert Persaud-Cheddie Jagan111

While North America was in grief the weekend popular and acclaimed singer Whitney Houston was being buried, newspapers in the area had a booming headline that  LIL KIM will be on the cover of the prestigious and global TIME MAGAZINE.  That weekend, it was impossible to find a TIME magazine; everybody wanted to see black and just as famous as Whitney, Lil Kim; most of all they wanted to know her claim to fame except being the mother of a child to Jamaican Rap Artiste BIGGY SMALLS.

  • I suspect bad news makes good reading; the headline was referring to 30 year old little Kim Il Sung who was catapulted to the Presidency in the DPRK (North Korea), after his father died.
  • Some news emerging from the PPP suggests that Little Cheddie, grandson of the now deceased President Cheddie Jagan and eldest son of Joey Jagan is being actively considered to displace Donald Ramotar in snap elections.
  • No specific date has been set for the snap elections but informed sources are suggesting a Fall 2012 deadline that would somehow synchronise with the America elections in November.     
  • Lil-Cheddie as he is familiarly called returned to Guyana about a year ago and went to work immediately as an advisor to his alleged half-uncle Bharrat Jagdeo.
  • Jagdeo has never disclosed his relationship to the founder leader of the PPP but there are some “known-knowns.”
  • Some years ago when Jagdeo was studying in Moscow, he was a person of interest in a murder of a roommate and Phillipino student.  Another Guyanese student by the call name Buju was charged and jailed…25 years to life, but when the elderly statesman Jagan came to power in 1991, he was able to engineer the transfer of the prisoner to Guyana, four years into his sentence.  Once Buje arrived here he did not serve any time but went to work apparently at the Providence holdings of GUYOIL at a supervisory and later managerial level.
  • There is no official record of this incident in Guyana.  Talk half, leff half.
  • Presidential watchers have also been looking at certain cultural and political practices.  The PPP is not known to cast a far and wide net in terms of sharing the political cake.  On Cheddie’s death an arrangement was worked out to have Prime Minister Sam Hinds hold the fort and then hand over to his wife Janet.  She in turn handed over to her alleged step-son.
  • Jagdeo’s ship should have handed over to Joey but Joey it is alleged “like too much black-man company; like he godfather (Burnham).”
  • Donald Ramotar was merely a stand-in and never proved himself within the 100 day probationary period as designated by the Executive Committee at Freedom House.
  • Lil Cheddie seems to have found both his voice and has been able to assemble support and a “leh-awee-get-am” drum roll.

see Demera Waves article  dated 2011-10-25 –

Cheddi ‘Joey’ Jagan poised to endorse Ramotar

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