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Dem boys seh…Sonny bring more funny people

March 11, 2012 | By KNews | Filed Under Dem Boys Seh,
Guyana get another Fip Motilall and he too come from Florida. This one name Sonny Motilall. Fip gone wid US$8 million that coulda buy eight helicopter fuh deal wid de pirates who killing dem poor fishermen dem.
This Motilall come fuh carry way US$800 million and he bring a plane. Dem boys seh that if he carry way that US$800 million dem can never get that hydro seed wha de Rat put pun de country.
But dem got something funny about all of dem. Sonny funny, Fip funny, de Rat funny, Bobby funny and Brazzy funny. All of dem is one clique. And dem bring more funny people into de ring.
Tek Sonny. He get ketch with Deraj; and he hiring nuff funny people. He got one name Willy mouth. Dem always got Kwame. According to dem boys de Rat mek he de original piece. He recruit all de others. He recruit Jo Ella Gan Shammy.
De business round dem people smelling suh bad that people wonder how dem can mix wid regular people. Fly gun follow dem. But dem don’t care. All dem seeing is money and dem belief that money gun help dem provide all de comforts.
Dem boys seh that this is one thing that blight de whole country. When things start fuh go bad people thought was a cycle. But is when de thing persist and is when people start fuh talk that dem boys put two and two.
Dem see Kwame big and bold in Ohh Pee and dem start fuh talk bout de Rat. Kwame hire Mary Anno; he hire Alexi; Soon de whole government gun full of dem.
Sonny Boy hiring nuff of dem. He bring two when he come fuh he press talking and dem nah talk nutten. Dem didn’t open dem mouth. Dem just had on dark shades and peeping fuh candidates.
He got three of dem wukking at JFK and two of dem wukking down here. He talking bout two of dem to fly de plane and he want couple fuh wuk in de plane. He want one specially fuh sit always in de First Class fuh watch he.
And de Rat hustling fuh bring more of dem. Dem boys seh that is that kind of Guyana he was hoping to have wid he third thumb. You know wha dem kind does do wid dem thumb.
Dem boys don’t know wha Uncle Donald gun do between a stiff thumb and a hard tongue. Poor fella.
Talk half and finger de other half.

 Dem boys seh… Some people don’t like challenge

March 12, 2012 | By KNews | Filed Under Dem Boys Seh

When people accustom to doing thing dem own way it hard fuh dem to accept any challenge. Thursday coming and de government gun move a motion fuh tell de opposition that it wrong fuh challenge dem. Of course, just like wha use to happen when de government had full control, once everybody fuh de opposition turn up de motion gun fail.
Dem boys want to know since when things change, since when de majority don’t vote against de minority? It always does happen but this time de minority was de people who been in de majority fuh suh long that dem ain’t accustom to losing anything.
Dem finding all kind of thing to complain about. Is like when a man guh to jail. He accustom to walking anytime he want. And is people like he does cause trouble.
And is de same thing wid dem prison officer. Dem accustom to fetching out de jail property. One of dem fetch out de feed from Lusignan. Then he fetch out de pig.
Just like Parliament. De majority challenge money that spend already without proper explanation and is one big story. Dem boys seh that if only some people settle down then dem gun understand that times change; that dem can’t do as dem please all de time.
Dem boys seh that dem should wuk obeah or go to a pandit and pray that some of dem in the majority get sick. Once that happen de government gun get its own way. Is funny how some of dem in de opposition use to get sick when dem had de minority and now that dem got de majority dem don’t get sick.
Thursday coming and dem boys watching fuh see if anybody gun get sick.
Talk half and challenge de other half.


Dem boys seh… Gee Nah embarrass Uncle Donald

March 13, 2012 | By KNews | Filed Under Dem Boys Seh,

When dem boys pick up de Chronicle dem get a shock. Uncle Donald was doing nuff things during the first 100 days in office. De man set a precedent and a historic one at that, according to Gee Nah. De man guh to Suriname fuh de Caricom meeting; that was historic. In fact, is two time he guh to Suriname in 100 days. That got to be historic.
Dem boys seh that de man tek a vacation in de first 100 days. That got to be historic too. Imagine a president getting tired after three months in de wuk. When he give hampers to old people and he wife been deh too. Well that got to be history because de Rat didn’t got no wife and giving things to old people is a new thing. That is wha dem boys seh.
Any other President woulda done appoint two new people fuh Gee Nah. He woulda send home Knee Ass and Shanta fuh such an embarrassment. And since Kwame was an adviser, the president woulda kick Kwame.
And dem wait till de man out of de country fuh embarrass he. And Gee Nah do something else. It claim how Uncle Donald create history when he meet wid de Opposition Leader. Well dem boys seh that if that is historic, Gee Nah want somebody put all of dem head in some toilet bowl before it flush, and then flush it.
Dem coulda write that 100 days done and Uncle Donald ain’t sign one contract, that he got all dem contractors peeping at he wid one eye. Dem didn’t have to write that he watching dem same contractors.
Dem boys seh that Gee Nah forget that Uncle Donald hardly mek any foreign trip. If was de other one he woulda done mek a dozen trip and cost de Treasury about $12 million. Uncle Donald saving de treasury and that is historic. But Gee Nah didn’t write that.
Talk half and lef out de half wid de praise!

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