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By Ewalt Ainsworth                                        03 14 2012

Dennis Humphrey

Dennis Humphrey, a former Guyana national soccer star and a hot item on the social scene in Ottawa, Canada will be laid to rest over this coming weekend.  His life has been compromised even though he had put up a gallant battle; his death was swift but not unexpected as he was diagnosed terminally ill with an exceptionally rare form of cancer.

Dennis was an immigrant of sheer class and nuff-styles.  Tantalise was his shtick.  He always took control and was extremely knowledgeable and braggadocio about sports and international politics.  He always cautioned those he rubbed shoulders with to “think outside of the box.  Do not find me obtrusive that he may be thinking as we speak inside the box                 Continue reading


Dem boys seh… 3 columns

Dem boys seh…Sonny bring more funny people

March 11, 2012 | By KNews | Filed Under Dem Boys Seh,
Guyana get another Fip Motilall and he too come from Florida. This one name Sonny Motilall. Fip gone wid US$8 million that coulda buy eight helicopter fuh deal wid de pirates who killing dem poor fishermen dem.
This Motilall come fuh carry way US$800 million and he bring a plane. Dem boys seh that if he carry way that US$800 million dem can never get that hydro seed wha de Rat put pun de country.
But dem got something funny about all of dem. Sonny funny, Fip funny, de Rat funny, Bobby funny and Brazzy funny. All of dem is one clique. And dem bring more funny people into de ring.
Tek Sonny. He get ketch with Deraj; and he hiring nuff funny people. He got one name Willy mouth. Dem always got Kwame. According to dem boys de Rat mek he de original piece. He recruit all de others. He recruit Jo Ella Gan Shammy.
De business round dem people smelling suh bad that people wonder how dem can mix wid regular people. Fly gun follow dem. But dem don’t care. All dem seeing is money and dem belief that money gun help dem provide all de comforts. Continue reading