VICTORIA A BASTION OF CAPITALISM                            03 12 2012


There was a time when The People’s Republic of Victoria used to be a bastion of innovation, pride and capitalism.  In the BBC (before Burnham and Cheddie) the village used to have boat builders, two full service gas stations, a vibrant coconut, cassava, casareep and quinches factory.  The village also had its own railway station, baker shop, shoemaker, clothiers, tailor, radio factory and a vast array of artists, musicians, artisans and technicians.  The village had its cultural cartoons like King Fighter, Cocoa Scorpion, Eye-lash, Ba-bye, Darshow, Bunkya, Ice Police, Shilling, Teens and Fabs-o. Fabs-o was royalty.  Talk half, leff half.

Victoria was the first village…purchased by a posse, a loose consortium of slaves in 1839.  These hard working men and women… …repeat: these hard working men and women pooled their resources and together banded their waists to fashion and mould a plural village that could withstand whatever hardships or issues come its way.  The purchasers never perceived or prophesied that the day will come when kids will have no place to play games, hide and seek, lash ball, fly their caddy-old-punch or produce their own food.  The masculine and stubborn Victoria has now devolved into Victorine.  

Victorine has to depend on others to take care of all of its needs when in fact Victoria  was built to be self-sufficient, resilient and forward looking.  As a product of the People’s Republic of Victoria, the guiding principle was:  VICTORIA MEN ARE NEVER WRONG.  That does not mean that we are always right but we cannot be proven devious, delinquent and or deficient because we were programmed to be intuitive and seek first the basic tenets of life (and everything else would be added).

The purchasers of the People’s Republic of Victoria  never envisaged that a day will come when a Jagabat will rule over their people, investments, land and their own sons and daughters will be executed and or drown in a trench they built as a conduit and irrigation system.  The disgusting part of the equation is that the regional headquarters of the Power Company is located in Victoria.  Charity starts at Charity.

Monday morning the KPRV was awakened by the news that a 12 year old boy was electrocuted as he tried to retrieve a singing-engine kite he had put out to pasture in his own back yard.  The boy’s dad is from Anns Grove and his mom provided for the family off of Collins Street.

Last elections, President Jagdeo as part of his elections strategy, gave the villagers kites at Easter.  Victoria, like Buxton, snubbed and scoffed at the PPP;  they did not vote for him and by reason of deduction “coolie-jumbee-frighten-me”…the evil spirits are at work.

Eight score years ago and thirteen, the people came together, pooled their resources and fetched it in a wheel barrow to make that majestic purpose.  This week, it will be repeated.  It will not be about the affected personality but the purpose.  It will not be about the problem caused but for the punctuation of the good spirit of the people.  It will also not be a for-profit endeavor but it will be both plural and positive as another bright star is juxtaposed for several brighter moments as the People’s Republic of Victoria inches towards recalibration (175 years) in 2014.

Plans are already in high gear to celebrate 175 years of pluralism and progress in the PRV.  A monument to the purchasers is under construction by master-blaster sculptor Ivor La Rose.  Jeggae, his buddy-pal and childhood friend has already penciled in two weeks of drums; conga drums; taja-drums, Cuban drums, kill-man-jaro drums, anta-banta drums and some strict cumfa-drums.  A steel orchestra shall remain nameless as Rudy Bishop and Melanie Burnham try to sort out their citizenship papers for Victoria.


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  1. Posted by francis jackson on March 15, 2012 at 3:29 pm

    What about a day of service to the village such as clean and green, cut the grass and plant a few trees, clean the burial ground, donate paint and collectively paint a few houses and repair them, in other words a day for volunteering, pick the furits of the trees in the village and bag them up for sale – some suggestions only, we need more than drums — I am the offfspring of one of the purchasers; therefore, I am writing what I see and know what can be done and should be done in preparation for 2014. Pick coconuts and sell them to all the invited guests a fundraising gesture


  2. Posted by Jeggae on March 15, 2012 at 11:10 pm

    Friends of Victoria Village Diaspora, Inc. is doing a lot of work behind the scenes. This relatively new organization has just received its 501c3 status and is registered with the State. Come out to the fund raising Breakfast at St.Stephens on Newkirk on the last Saturday of June for more details and support Victoria. Also, visit the website using the name of the group.


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