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VICTORIA A BASTION OF CAPITALISM                            03 12 2012


There was a time when The People’s Republic of Victoria used to be a bastion of innovation, pride and capitalism.  In the BBC (before Burnham and Cheddie) the village used to have boat builders, two full service gas stations, a vibrant coconut, cassava, casareep and quinches factory.  The village also had its own railway station, baker shop, shoemaker, clothiers, tailor, radio factory and a vast array of artists, musicians, artisans and technicians.  The village had its cultural cartoons like King Fighter, Cocoa Scorpion, Eye-lash, Ba-bye, Darshow, Bunkya, Ice Police, Shilling, Teens and Fabs-o. Fabs-o was royalty.  Talk half, leff half.

Victoria was the first village…purchased by a posse, a loose consortium of slaves in 1839.  These hard working men and women… …repeat: these hard working men and women pooled their resources and together banded their waists to fashion and mould a plural village that could withstand whatever hardships or issues come its way.  The purchasers never perceived or prophesied that the day will come when kids will have no place to play games, hide and seek, lash ball, fly their caddy-old-punch or produce their own food.  The masculine and stubborn Victoria has now devolved into Victorine.   Continue reading