BY EWALT AINSWORTH                                     03 11 2012

The PPP is proving over and repeated times that it has no immediate plans or programs to incorporate the other parties namely the APNU and AFC in shared governance.  “The opposition parties are boxed-in by design.  Everything for the PPP has been prepared, pre-packaged, prescribed, preserved, pre-arranged and plastic already boxed from East Asia with love. Guyana is being recolonized literally and metaphorically. Tomorrow you may find a Taj-mahal syle dome like boxer Six-head in Ecclestan, on City Hall.

The PPP are hungry for more power by the hour and they are not intellectualizing or contemplating the outcomes.  They are on a mission to convert the green-green grass of home into a duck-curry benabu.  Only 30 per cent of city dwellers are paying their taxes and the Green combination of Mayor and Deputy Mayor are being terrorized, ruined and robbed every time they make a move to halt the erosion of black folks of their homesteads in the city.

The centers of influence like the Cultural Center,  St Barnabas Church, President’s College, Bourda Green  and the Public Service Union just as an example, get meager stipends and are falling to pieces.  The vessels Torani and Lady Northcote that have been plying the rivers have both been towed to safety over the last month.  Two Chinese vessels, gifts from their government, are scheduled to come on stream.  The Chinese too have been awarded contracts to build an airport, hotels and a bridge across the Corentyne River, while robust and skilled local workers are forced to move to foreign places as second and third class citizens.  What is wrong in arranging for new boxes of learning rather than have the workers boxed-in as losers and mentally disturbed patriots.

There is no innate desire to work together; co-author a design that is all encompassing, plural and diverse.  There is no hunger or felt need to embrace and hammer out a platform that will ensure that we all move to a noble place irrespective of the suffering and lack of schooling experienced in the Co-operative Republic of Guyana.

The duo is angling for the people to take away their power.
The only language they know and speak is to intimidate terrorize and shove that un-commonsense that is so desired to promote growth and development.  They have inherited an extremely dark side that is containerized, boxed off and are not deviating.  Talk is cheap and they have not been talking.  They keep more secrets and harbor more grudges than they have hairs on their flat behinds.  All these secret programs have strings attached.  An academic institution has been knocked off its pillars in Kingston because Jagdeo has a beef with the current management with the PEGASUS HOTEL.

Bad people have a way of creating boxes, columns of good people and create a hostile environment and or program so that over time, they can look worse and feel more terrible than the accuser.  Typical Karl Marx dictum:  Make others worse than you are.

In typical Guyanese fashion, we used to throw ‘box’ as a primary tool to achieve material things.  In those days, the box-hand holder had to display certain qualities like trust, honesty, efficiency and a sense of fairness and equality.  Those people have either been silenced, died and or have migrated.  Things have gotten so expensive that certain basic necessities cannot be generated by doing a straight job in an office, field or factory.  We have been boxed-in to take loans from the corrupt politicians and their agents.  You are programmed to fail and never given a second chance to make amends.  You are shot on sight for a small fee by a thug or practitioner who is known to the police and other para-military groups.

Last week the Deputy Mayor’s house was invaded.  Within two hours, they apprehended a known criminal.  Are the police that efficient?  The answer is no.  The police have been quietly mapping and putting people in boxes and have been identifying them for demolition and devolution.  They know all the marked people who managed to break free from the deliberate grip and stand up and stand out rather than be a boxed-in charlatan.

As Guyanese we have to stop looking at things intellectually and understand from a psycho-social point of view exactly what is happening.
This Deputy Mayor is being programmed to hand over her box, her emotional allegiance to the PPP and this break-in, is a form of initiation.

Women are not as easy to fall into boxes because they are more intuitive.  They also do not go along to get along like some men do and or kneel down on their necks to get plans executed and programs achieved.

The Regent Street businessmen owe more in rates and taxes than they have inventory.  City hall has been rendered toothless because they cannot move to recoup outstanding monies.  Deputy Mayor Green is willing to make a move and right side the box but this little terroristic threat will not make her get boxed-in.  She knows how to be patient without being naughty and suck-up in the green-green grass of GT.


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