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BY EWALT AINSWORTH                                     03 11 2012

The PPP is proving over and repeated times that it has no immediate plans or programs to incorporate the other parties namely the APNU and AFC in shared governance.  “The opposition parties are boxed-in by design.  Everything for the PPP has been prepared, pre-packaged, prescribed, preserved, pre-arranged and plastic already boxed from East Asia with love. Guyana is being recolonized literally and metaphorically. Tomorrow you may find a Taj-mahal syle dome like boxer Six-head in Ecclestan, on City Hall.

The PPP are hungry for more power by the hour and they are not intellectualizing or contemplating the outcomes.  They are on a mission to convert the green-green grass of home into a duck-curry benabu.  Only 30 per cent of city dwellers are paying their taxes and the Green combination of Mayor and Deputy Mayor are being terrorized, ruined and robbed every time they make a move to halt the erosion of black folks of their homesteads in the city. Continue reading