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By Ewalt Ainsworth                             03 09 2012

Late this week a man from Buxton and his Indian wife got robbed and one of his buddies got shot in full view outside of busy Bourda market during lent and a day after Phagwah.  In most other territories, in most other countries 100 days after ascending to electoral office, the politicians go to their microphones and media to assail their achievements.  In Guyana we have all been relegated to the status of pedal pushers and or pushovers.  Some pedaling dope, while others are pedaling stupidness, and trying to call it bravery.

In the first 100 days in most other climes, crime goes down and productivity goes up.  (Let your conscience be your guide).  In Guyana we have achieved and surpassed all age appropriate behaviors; one a day is killed on the roads, one a day is robbed; one a day is shot, one a day is fired for corruption and one a day a ship goes missing at sea with suspicious cargo. There will be no mention of the millions that go missing within the Ministry of Home Affairs or those who are denied medical attention and pushed to die at the local hospitals.  I will be absurd to mention those things. Continue reading