By EWALT AINSWORTH                      03 05 2012

GT has devolved to such a stage that the caregivers, teachers, masons, farmers,  therapists, cops and field workers of yesteryear are the forgotten indigent;  the well have become  sick as they look down their nose and elbow their way into a certain illusive and delusive dream state.

Guyanese have lost tolerance for each other and the Phagwah message should be about sharing the wealth and make sure it trickles down to the politically engineered poor…the nouveau poor.

Some say that Guyana like a breadfruit tree; breadfruit trees are prolific bearers.  In this instance, the country is reproducing more poor people than they can count.  All the folks of child bearing age have moved on while the children of the migrant workers and their parents are left to scrounge in this guava season.  Very prominent people who had jobs, land, and money in the bank, great vacations with pay and second mortgages, have fallen flat on their faces.
They have aches and pains and are disturbed about their physical well being.  They have become shut-ins because they have been shut out by the PPP.  They suffer in silence; but one day, one day congatae.

The rural folks have had to give up their little holdings and move in with friends, family or even on the streets to be near their caregivers and to get access to their pensions.  There is no priority or program to inoculate the old and infirm from poverty.    The average pension for the elderly is about US1.00 per day.  One person very close to my family describes that she eats a handful of fine rice and six strands of bora daily.  She strains the rice and drinks the mar for tea and at nights, she drinks a cup of water, reads her bible and prays.  Currently she is out of soap and stuff for personal hygiene.  She uses limes from the tree and rubs under her arms and private places to stay fresh and clean.  She cleans her yard and home with a pointer broom and has no lights.  Her physical address is South Ruimveldt Gardens.

The sick in turn have to be on the phone with their relatives overseas to transfer the millions or give up their dignity by signing affiliations and testimonies to the PPP .  This was the alleged plight of past  executives including  Fisheries Minister and Deputy Mayor Robert Williams.  Pay or sign up is the policy against the noveau rich.

The PPP government is exploiting the sick and indigent and is causing a new stream of medical refugees…people who have relatives overseas and they prop themselves up and get on a flight to North America.  Rather than go to an apartment in the five boroughs, they are immediately transshipped to a hospital for Charity care.  Some of them die not because of their illness but because of the frowns and sarcasm and attitude of their foreign care givers.

None shall escape unscathed.

A trip to any North American airport come arrival times reveals a stream of folks of every gender, ethnic group, religion, sexual preference, religion and old age who are broken and just want an opportunity to breathe freely.    Another time I may have mentioned breathe free but nothing is free anymore.  The price of a little pleasure is laced with pain.

Poverty is no longer the agony of starvation and malnutrition but it now connotes the inability to be bond and be bonded with the dark side of the political elite.  “There is now talk in the air to have another snap elections so that the PPP can hold their ground and this has driven a new fear; a new poverty because nobody is willing to stand up and stare and refuse to complain or explain the slackness and total lack of respect for the everyday people.

The hostilities against rural folks, the school children, women and the elderly especially, is appalling.  The social services…the safety nets like the National Insurance Scheme have been plundered, raped and dejected as part of a calculated scheme to impoverish all.

Recent story:  A woman of color had a contract to provide a quantum of T-shirts for the just concluded MASHRAMANI celebrations.  She had gotten an advance and supplied all the colors, shades, sizes and all the specifications.  But apparently the person who placed the order does not have the clout anymore.  She however got paid a few days after MASH and had this large quantity of jerseys on her hand.  Another mutual executive advised her to donate to the Palms and other indigent homes.  Permit me to explain what this entrepreneur experienced.

The entire population at the Palms on Brickdam were sleeping and dwelling on mattresses put together by piles of CHRONICLE newspapers.  An extra layer or two of the official organ of the PPP was used as pillows.  Some folks had the same paper as skirts, covers, blankets, floor cloth and even to use as bathroom tissue after a trip to the leaky lavatory.

When the entrepreneur heard and saw the plight, the groans the moans…the men were constantly coughing and clearing their throats and the women were singing songs of healing and faith.  “This businesswoman returned the next day with supplies of women’s underwear but left feeling as if they will fall into the wrong hands.  Talk half, leff half.

“There was a time when returning Guyanese used to take hampers, equipment, medical supplies and even financial donations.  Most of these people were former employees but the PPP government cut all of that out.  Worst than that, the people who used to donate, manage and clean the wards are now the clients.  They delivered zillions of babies, nursed the wounded and became therapists.  Those folks are the nouveau poor in Guyana.

Poverty is contagious.  Poverty has evolved into an equal opportunity game and no one is willing to lift a finger or utter a word to bring about some semblance of change.  Another hotel or an airport does nothing for a man on the street, in jail, at the Palms or any of the other indigent homes.

Folks in North America with sick relatives at home are often times taken to the cleaners by the medical community.
Simple trips to the hospital cost half-a-million dollars.  You either pay up or be disconnected….the signs are everywhere.


One response to this post.

  1. Isn`t this the change the populace wanted from the other party which was in power ?

    By now they are regretting the change….as the saying goes ..”be carefull of what you

    wish for “.


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