By EWALT AINSWORTH                        03 03 2012

The weather on the East Coast in North America has been relatively mild (knock on wood) so far unlike the floods in GT that creating havoc with people’s sanity and mental status.  There are now new challenges and people are looking high and low to find a piece of bag twine to make a parcel and send it to you-know-who (call name and I would whistle).

Bag twine is the only thing that can stop the leaking and the gaping holes that are showing up in the lives and lifestyles of the Guyanese people at this juncture of their perceived growth and development. A man tweet me about the laughters in the ark and the inconvenience so many have to go through.  Cassava bread scarce here; and there and so too is dry shrimp, saltfish and bangamary.  The gas stations selling gas mix with water at the pump and still charging the equivalent of US5.00 a gallon.

And over the weekend In Strawfus, some GT folks ventured out to keep an outdoor barbecue to jump start the spring and ease the tension. Meteorologically it is spring but the farmer’s calendar dictates otherwise but you know we can’t wait another three weeks or so; the parties already start. A certain guest arrived and had mechanical problems and an older guest went to the fabric store and produced some bag twine to resolve the problem.

Is eons…decades I have not seen people apply bag twine to resolve mechanical issues.  In the pre-independence time, every mechanic and bruck-canic used to have a length a bag twine in his tool kit and or bag pocket.  And just between me and you I just bought a length just in case.

Apparently the visitor from New York does not drive his 1997 hatchback CAMRY too often.  More than that, he does not put in a full tank of gas and having to make the pilgrimage about 90 miles away from home in Brooklyn  created a new chapter if challenges.  Gasoline in Brooklyn is now US 3.91 a gallon.  My friend used the Verrazano Narrows/Goethals Bridge to get to New Jersey and that was another 20.00 in tolls…one way.  The car took almost ten gallons to fill it up and then worries along the way. No sooner they filled up the tank in New Jersey where it was .20 cents cheaper than Brooklyn, worries.  They start smelling gas.  They turn up the music in the car louder but that did not help.

The whole top half of the fuel tank sprang a-leak like a water can but by the time he arrived at the party in Clementine New Jersey, the leak resolved itself…it went below the half tank mark. ASOMELYKAM.

The car owner who would remain anonymous at this time, stayed over until the Sunday and his great uncle, took him to a neighborhood junk yard to get a used tank and install it.  At the junkyard, the driver and everybody else had to present a picture ID, sign your name, give your date of birth; they had to scan your driver’s license et al.  They also examined your tool kit and declare all the contents just like if you jumping on an airline.
The next thing that went wrong is that these days you have to pay to go in the junkyard. Entire families with picnic baskets and outdoor furniture and buckets with salad and beverages proliferate the paved tarmacs in the junk yard.  The vehicles are also hoisted on special jacks and you can crawl under and do not have to fear a car falling on you like what happened to Hussein from Trinidad a few years ago.  Junk yards have new standards plus monitors and technicians with barking dogs traversing the place.

The driver did not have the two dollar entrance fee each and so he had to borrow a loan.  Next thing, you had to pull the part yourself and the great-uncle had to step in again because the driver basically got two left hands and is not mechanically inclined.

The next thing that happened after the empty fuel tank was procured and secured gasoline…a thankful for US20.00…any tank.

Apparently before the cars are laid out for display and parts removal, all the fluids are recycled and resold.  My boy wants to move to there now but that is a topic for a different arena.

My friend took two tanks.  He took one in the new second hand tank he bought and added another set of gas to the soon to be retired tank and they made it back to the home safely.

And immediately after lunch, the guys jacked up the car and went to work installing a full tank of gas; they got through in bird speed but noticed a slight leak at one of the connections.  This necessitated a piece of bag twine and everything was alright.  It is donkey years I have not seen this technique at work.

Litchfield had a man we used to call bag-twine.  He was a jack of all trades.  He soldeer something, he would use a bag twine.  He fix a stove, he would always use a piece of bag twine.  He fix a bicycle sprocket, bag twine.

In Essequibo too there was a man at the Henrietta corner named Albert Richards.  He was a cool shade mechanic and every job, welding, fabricating, servicing and tuning always entailed a piece of bag twine.

Finally, in “Victoria there was Mr. Bag Twine.  You got a bad tooth; he would recommend bag twine to pull it out.  You don’t have shoe lace, bag twine.  Your elastic run out on your under pants, bag twine.  And if you want to go fishing with hook, is bag twine in yuh rama.  And you playing school sports and you need a tape to see who win, is more bag twine.  You cooking a duck and you need to stuff it, bag twine and if you dog runaway or your cat stray and you need to keep it in sight, bag twine-in-yuh-rama.  Perhaps you should get yourself some…you may never know when it will come in handy.


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