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SURINAME HANDING OVER CEREMONY              02 17 2012

By Ewalt Ainsworth

The money done and the eternal fun of the PPP done and so Jagdeo and Ramotar, two peas in a pod heading East to Suriname to get some papel and at the same time hand over some of the responsibilities  of patrolling the Corentyne river back to the Surinamese.  Guyana is unable to patrol and control smuggling of basic foodstuff; piracy has resulted in a reduction of the flow of goods and services and food supplies and spare parts are also threatened.

This Mashramani season will also experience a shortage of towels – (Guyana dollars).
The Government has run out of money and it is in such a bad financial shape that it cannot even print it on toilet paper.  This too is affecting the Finance Minister Dr. Ashni Singh, as he boogie-woogies to his intuitive clock and hopes for a less protracted and efficient way out.

So the Finance Minister may be heading West any day now, budget or no budget, to engineer a fresh stack of Guyana towels.  There are not enough physical notes and so salaries and commercial activity this Mashramani will be fiercely restricted. Continue reading



By EWALT AINSWORTH                             02 17 2012

GT has reached where it going and in the published allegation of a Fullah man committing unusual acts against little boys has been given a free pass by the professionally trained devious medical practitioner who is willing to put his license to kill on the line by claiming that the contaminated perpetrator is impotent and not capable of having sex.  Perhaps we will have to re-define sex and move away from the archaic definition of penetration by a man of a woman.   All these men need to be ducked in the sea off the Kingston jetty.
This doctor has been caught stooping and padooping to his handlers in the land of the corrupt and home of serial riggers and rapists.

Too often judgment in the Jagdeo/Ramotar Republic is Facebook material, race based and race baited. Country boys and country girls are made to kneel down on their necks and perform unusual acts and the perpetrators…men of power and influence, are set free.  Professional deviance is an acquired taste and the persecuted is made upset and confused and they never recover not even in adulthood. Continue reading


deBANANA REPUBLIC                                  11 07 08



Recently the Chinese restaurant in my ethnic enclave of Burlington County New Jersey closed its doors.  A closer look revealed scores of other stores owned by single but not singular moms, mom-and-pop   stores including the auto parts, green grocer, shoe maker and key cutting stores had also disappeared.

The only visible minority stores left standing are the ladies hair facilities, the barber and the liquor store and they are all adjoined and adjoining.  The shoe store that sold CLARKS and other trade mark items liked by folks from the deBanana Republics was closed but had a sign in the window which read “GOING OUT FOR BUSINESS”. Not only did the others disappear but they did so without notice and or fanfare.   Normally these stores also hold closing down sales and then is when you stock up and prepare a barrel or two with the junk stuff to send back to the deBanana Republics.  This year is so sad…something terrible must have happened? Continue reading

Husband Day Care Center in Trinidad

Husband Day Care Center in Trinidad


INTENSIVE SCARES UNIT                            02 12 2012


Valentine is the time for giving; the gift must not be outcome oriented but pleasant, plural and palatable.  GT peeps like to scramble at the last minute and pick-up something last minute and synthetic and expect it to work.  The ideal gift must be both beneficial to the giver as it is to the receiver but these last two or three years in the midst of this global economic crisis I have been getting some intensive scares in the homes and units of some of my brethren and countrymen.  Things are getting chaotic and more chaotic in this no-fault divorce arena.

There was a time when I used to think that the more you give, the more you will get.  Nope.  Some people have made it a job to be dissatisfied and to divest themselves, when the masculine half rules the roost.  In other words the man may be wearing the pants but the woman wearing the buckta.  Five hours into a scrubby wedding, I got a rude awakening; I got an intensive scare as the wife took the microphone and proceeded to speak.  This is the second time in my 59 years experience I have ever seen wife take mike and thank guests for the gifts and participation. Continue reading


COUSIN BABA LAID TO REST                     02 102012


A tale of rags to riches does not necessarily tell the holistic and whole truth of the life and times of entrepreneur and philanthropist Angela Una Daly, 86 who died on January 21, 2012, and was buried recently in Linden, New Jersey USA.

Standing room only as relatives and friends, some known and unknown…before work and after work, in uniform and others in slacks wiped away tears and fears. There were musical and oral tributes…… each ideal, each different but collaterally, alike.  Still others brought flasks of beverages, platters of food and new wine in old wine skins.  Parking was at a premium and high occupancy vehicles were directed to higher ground;   some came from far and some came from near; some were black and others were white; some were straight and quite others were gay.  They all assembled and pondered their own purpose in life.  Cousin Baba embraced a curriculum of inclusion and was everything to everyone, every time, everywhere; that is the genesis and summary of her life. Continue reading

Guyanese sworn in as a Judge in New York

Guyanese sworn in as a Judge in New York

Judge Pam Packman- Brown being sworn in by Judge Fern Fish

Demerara Waves – February 10, 2011

Guyanese Pam Jackman – Brown , of Springlands  Corentyne was on January 27 sworn in as a Judge in the Queens Supreme Court in NewYork , becoming one of the few women to be so elected .She was nominated following elections for the post in November last year. She will preside over criminal matters. Continue reading