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BANKS-THANKS                                           02 29 2012


Whether you live here or you live there, there should not be a deficiency of money but because we have been experiencing a need for things material, we think emotionally and are exploited financially at the end of the day.   There is a felt need to bring back banks to rural communities and have bank mobiles servicing interior locations and farm markets…thanks.  Too many of the farmers and pensioners are held up, shook up and robbed up and losing faith in the system.

Extension-banks go a long way in bringing about increased production and productivity and give micro credit to their customers.  Over time, these folks remain in their comfort zones and do not have to feel less than who or what they really are in the big cities.  Banking must be a community activity and that way localized exposure and excursions will serve as an elixir to growth and development. The absence of these banks is promoting the regions as slaughter houses and people should be able to resign to their domains without fear of being joked, robbed and upset.   More banks…thanks.  Continue reading



BY Ewalt Ainsworth                                                    02 28 2012

A consortium of former employees of Guyana Airways Corporation (GAC), are re-reuniting but this time as employee/ owners of a new airline. Jamaica will be the regional and operating headquarters of the new airline that will come on stream shortly to ferry Guyanese between and among major hubs like New York, Toronto, Miami, Bridgetown, Kingston and St, Johns, initially.

Flights to North America will be one-hop and non-stop and will be scheduled in such a way that it will not conflict with cultural and industry bottlenecks.  The consortium is working out of Jamaica because they want to have a handle on the tourist industry.  They will also do special charters to Europe and other Caribbean territories on an ‘as-needed’ basis without affecting their core group…the friendly Guyanese and Caribbean peeps.  All fares will be market-driven. Continue reading