By EWALT AINSWORTH                                        02 25 2012

Very recently a friend from the Ottawa diaspora engaged me in a long tribal noise making exercise bringing to the fore the plight of condemned married men leaving their families and returning to GT to reattach themselves to new families; upon arriving back these folks  are discovering that they were deceived and can’t believe it is not butter.  They cannot disentangle and establish their perceived leadership role. Politicians are like that.  You cannot tell them that the noise they re making is only noise and no aspirin can cure the headaches.

The real message my friend was trying to convey is that humanity has gotten to the stage where you can literally prophesy and see them heading into danger but no noise can make them change their minds.   Their ‘own fought got to wake them up.’  Advice is like perfume…the smell withers away don’t matter the brand may be eternity, fraternity, immorality, bribery or bigamy.  Some tags are simply undeniable.

This observation does not only apply to Guyanese from the diaspora.  It also applies to parents, teachers, bosses and the clergy.  These people cannot be corrected or re-directed because they profess to know it all and you can see them in the heat of the day or night, saying and doing the wrong things.  Some women are like that too.  One woman was heading head-long into a brick wall and I humbly tried to make her aware and she rebuked me saying: “nobody corrects Ms. Maarteen.”   This sounds familiar because it is familiar.

The only way to win this game is to abstain and maintain your sanity.  Noise annoys and your words will never influence others to change or do anything that reflects one iota of nobility and un-commonsense.  Never try to give advice and don’t take any either from the block heads that are moving around  walking and wining more than Gertrude ….doing stupidness and calling it bravery.

Choosing a family is a noble goal but too often we want to be cheered and be given standing ovations for every move, every mood.  The politicians are the most vulnerable in these schemes.
GT politicians do not hear and worse, they do not listen.  Noise annoys them.

The politicians become hollowed out like the sapodillas and star apples they hollow out to secrete the drugs for transshipment to overseas markets.  Politicians are never satisfied with doing something without approval; they work hard and seem to always make a lot of stupid noise when in fact they should be working in tandem with the people to resolve the issues.  Call name and I would whistle.

Every problem can be resolved.  Talking about it, creating an environment of truth, mutuality and shared governance especially in the GT situation, will go a long way towards noise reduction.  Noise annoys.  Silence is the loudest noise you can experience.

These days sometimes you have to look at the people who make regular clients of the barber shop, hotels, hair dressers and restaurants.  These people are always trying to re-invent and re-direct their energies and to give the illusion of change when in fact they are dam dirty and low down liars.  When you are a truthful person, you do not have to always seek to reinvent and remake yourself.  That type of noise annoys.

The currents administration over the two decades or so have deliberately denied some promotions, allowed plant and equipment to grow obsolete, fail to attract the brightest and best and the cumulative effect after a scheduled time is noise.  There is protest everywhere.  Every opportunity to rectify and promote human rights has been squandered.  Worse, they give little tokens like a trip here and a five per cent increase there and a laptop there knowing that you  have no lap.  And if even you have a lap, you do not have the power or the paraphernalia or programs to run the damn thing and that noise annoys too.

A ‘padna’ from Irvington, NJ, made the pilgrimage to Kwakwani to marry a woman he never met.  His mom advised him against the project but he said to her “mommy me must.”  The mother the eve before his departure took a glass and halved it with sugar and the remaining space filled it with water and made a sling and placed it under the acorn tree in the backyard.  The next morning she woke him up and together they looked at the glass and its contents.  It was almost plastered in and out with dead ands and scores of others trying to get in and another big set trying to get out.  The mom illustrated to him what marriage was and finally asked him:  “you still want married eh?”  And the man’s response was an emphatic yes.

When the woman arrived two weeks after his return, the mother made a right about turn.  She fell in love with the damsel of mixed heritage.  Three years later, this same new bride, started putting in papers for her three children she left behind.  They all had to seek medical and mental health intervention.  The son accused the wife of not declaring she had children and her retort was simple: “you never ask.”  If you hear noise; hice up and lick down in the house.  She had to move and find her relatives in the Bronx.

Guess what?  Every day he is on the phone and texting her because he has failed to disentangle from her.  The mother’s words have fallen again on deaf ears.  Sounds like the politician’s right?  Noise always annoys.


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