HEAVY HITTERS                                                       02 23 2012


Mashramani done, money done, the liquor done and so too is the fun; like the food and the imported water that done too in the land of many waters.  We not working again till next week and like the army and police the people need a new arsenal of weapons to counter the feelings of deceit, despair and delusion and the hot psycho-illogical struggles.

Guyanese have been branded material-mushkunkus when in fact we are heavy hitters; we hitting we self below the belt, in the belly, in the butt on the head and in the face.    Neither brand is polite 42 years after gaining republican status.  The promises have been too many and rather than falling up we falling down and we falling back and hitting we self hard and nobody there to pick we up.  We have to lick our wounds and move on; we have to stop copulating in alleys, sea walls, Lexwees and behind closed doors and become inner dependent as distinct from independent and create graceful and virtuous life styles.

For a small country with barely 600,000 persons (not 750,000 as reported), inoculated by anger, we must do better.  Everybody in GT knows one in every category of the 592 people killed on the roads, murdered, pirated, committed suicide, raped or became a Gertrude.  The PPP has stopped tabulating the totals in the listed categories and are seriously engaged in social engineering to be-little and down grade the heavy hitters that we traditionally are.  We like to hit the bottle, hit the books, hit the bed, hit the woman, and hit the ground running.

As Guyanese we have to stop running and pull out the weapon of resistance and resilience and bounce back and show them our metal.  For too long we have been winning back. Mash done, money done and it is imperative to recalibrate and be heavy hitters.

Simply put, we have all developed emotional conditions that prevent us from being straight and seeing things as they really are; we even see ourselves differently and so to confuse and deceive us becomes easy.  It is all part of a silent conspiracy to have us shoot and kill and jump on each other’s back while they seek solace in their bunkers, Prados and Pradas.  Let us make a pact and refocus our talents and skills and everything else would be added one day at a time, sweet Jesus.  Some of you may be too young to remember Matthew Allen eh?

The weapon of choice that can be carried by even child soldiers, students at the nursery, primary, secondary, tertiary and university levels is virtue.  We all have to look at things differently so that we can see things differently.  Defeat must not be in the lexicon but a constant jamming…a heavy hitting.. a curriculum of inclusion that will let us on a pathway and a farm of content.

The current PPP administration has no program, ambition or plan to level the proverbial playing field and give equity and equality to all the Guyanese people; this is not about race but finding a place and space within ourselves to confront the enemy spiritually and not physically.  Today is a new day; let it also be a new beginning and bring to an end the ‘us or chaos’ doctrine.  Yesterday we had a good wine and now we will move on with some heavy hitting; inner dependence is the goal.  This way you will not have to loiter for a dollar, a job, a house, a laptop or a Lexwee.

Celebration after a co-operative effort does not give them a high by any metric.  The long and short of the whole thing is that the country is broke and they want to make us broken…in that order.  No community safe anymore and the trade unions have been rendered impotent.  The military has been infiltrated and the Police Force diluted; the spit and polish shine that we once knew went out like the street bulbs.  You want light you have to get your own bulb; you want your sanity you have to preserve your dignity.  Last week the Police knock down a man in Charity and his excuse was the street that he was driving on was not lit.  ASOMELYKAM.  The week before a doctor of medicine said that the Muslim scholar was impotent and so he could not have molested a little boy.  The lying excuses can all be found on low lying limbs as a substitute for commonsense and community.

One reason why they can manufacture these berries and cherries is because we have put our implicit trust in them.  The time is now to look within ourselves for all the answers and get the right reasons to move on and become the heavy hitters that we were destined to be.

It will be a bit tough; the hardest thing will be to get started.  The biggest investment you will have to make is to learn to be graceful and not react emotionally.  They will become more generous and most generous when they do not see you reacting the way that you have been programmed but as the ole-time proverb says…”everyday bucket go a well one day the bottom must drop out.”  Be advised; you are not dropping out, you are dropping ‘in.’  It is about finding new ways new means to be a heavy hitter and construct your own inner dependence.

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