By EWALT AINSWORTH                                          02 19 2012

A former magistrate, according to the spit press, was the first known person to be assigned the name  GERTRUDE after being caught in a compromising position with another man and ever since then any suspect, any ‘walk-and-wine’ candidate is appropriately labelled a GERTRUDE in the land of cheap liquor, angry black men and Mashramani.

GERTRUDE is the most common name given to ambitious GT-men before they come down with the dreaded illnesses related to depression and suppression of emotions.  Depression is really anger turned in on one’s self and too often men of prestige and prominence, lawyers, doctors, accountants, engineers, military men and entertainers are deliberately set upon by the powers, and ease the pain by kneeling down on their necks.  If all the Gertrudes were to line up two abreast from the Cultural Center to Cuffy a third line would become necessary to accommodate the school age population.  That day would also have to be declared a national holiday because all the mini buses would be taken out of service. ASOMELYKAM.

Too many men of high office and caliber are trading in their masculinity and righteous selves to becoming favorites, boy toys and  acolytes of the PPP…set up for the wet up.  A few short days down the line, they are rejected, evicted, suspected, indicted and dejected from the high offices and or put out to dry.

Last weekend, the decorated Brigadier of the Guyana Defence Force Lt Colonel Best and acting Commissioner or Police, Brummel, were both over passed for the first official overseas visit of  President Ramotar.  Instead, their respective deputies namely Police Chief of Criminal Investigations, Assistant Commissioner Seelall Persaud and Lt. Col Omar Khan, were exalted and chosen causing shock and awe within their respective ranks.  Talk half, leff half.

Guyanese women especially are very fearful of the “curry favor and nigger-yard PPP.”  The Red-Thread women are contemplating civil disobedience and are protesting in silence about the destruction and demise of their men folk.

There seems to be no method to the madness and with each passing day, black men are paraded in the media as being dysfunctional and have to protect a criminal regime that is delusional and divisive.  “Not only are the men playing Gertrudes but they (PPP) are destroying families and communities in one swath” said an executive of the RED THREAD.

New mothers are not bringing forth male babies and the PPP seems to have amnesia and refuses to tabulate and show concern “unless it got quick money in it.” There are no guarantees or warrantees for jobs anymore.  There is a conspiracy of silence to enlarge the pool of disenchanted and trample on the dignity; the soulful pride of the able and capable black men.  Too many of the affected too, are finding out that it is too late to turn back now; the damage has already been done.

Over the weekend the COFFEE BOYS met and the story was spun that a douglar paramour who suspected she was pregnant after a brief and very recent dalliance with the most eligible of the duos.  Call name and I would whistle.  She wanted to know the sex of the baby so that he would not graduate to be a GERTRUDE or be killed on the mean streets of Georgetown or Brooklyn. As a preventative measure, the expecting mom did an x-ray (sonogram) and the film came back so dark that the sex was in doubt.   The doctor had to dismiss the outcome as a “negative.”

Big men, grown men, professional men especially of African persuasion under the duo…JAGDEO/RAMOTAR to get a promotion, to get a job and to keep a job are forced to walk and wine and suck up.  As a glaring example of this the new acting Police Commissioner, Mr. Brummel, got stepped on as the duo shuttled his deputy, Seelall Persaud for a working visit to Suriname.  Commander in Chief of the Army Mr. Best was also overlooked, over passed and passed over by one of his deputies named Omar Khan.

In every department of Government and industry, the PPP has put a dark shroud over the competence and comfort levels of all practicing black professionals.  This is trickling down to the spiritual and psychological and mental well being of all employees in their respective chains of command.  The end result is disdain, corruption and a loathing for change.

GERTRUDE is no longer a guarantee that a place will be set aside to and for you;  when black people need access and favors from the Government, they have to line up outside of the office of Roger Luncheon at 430 am and be chaperoned to his office before “bird wife wake.”  The only alternative is to buttonhole Lumumba and be deceived and adapt to the wickedness of this alleged hoodlum who has an alleged propensity to pillage and rape.

Guyanese have lost the moral strength to cultivate independence and inner dependence and are falling head over heels and kneeling down on their necks to get favors and promotions.  They cannot rebuke the political masters and have to settle for whatever crumbs is given to satisfy their cravings.

Nothing good is emerging from the PPP as Guyana celebrates 42 years of Republican status.  Mr. Brummel is deeply rooted and qualified in Finance Administration.  The Suriname trip is about getting money to build a bridge to facilitate the illicit and illegal smuggling and drug trade.  Here is an operative who understands how money works and over compensates by working diligently as a security technician and now he is left behind.  He was not even briefed of the visit.

The Police Service Commission has been diluted and deprived of the tools to make certain rulings and recommendations while the President runs rough-shod and ruins the decorated officers only because of their ethnicity.

A very prominent engineer at the Power and Gas Company, who happens to be black but his father was Indian, went to work one morning and found his desk with a name plate outside of his comfortable office.  He always ruminated and pedaled his confidence levels and his ability to focus especially because of his ethnicity.  His replacement has shaken his confidence levels and he now hates himself, the replacement, the job and all who manage the country.  A few days ago he went to visit with his father in Handsome-Tree with his current future-ex-Indian wife and his dad pulled him aside and warned:  “don’t trust them, dead or alive”. The father is raw Indian and he read his son the riot act.

The duo can only perform when they create confusion and conflict.  Black people in Guyana have to stop feeling sorry for the duo and also stop feeling sorry for themselves.  Bending down and bending over is only bringing more anger and disaster and giving them more fodder to degrade and degrade.  Loving them does not resolve the problem and two decades later, the approach has to be one of grace and inner strength.  The birds and the bees are very noble and they do certain rituals without ever getting angry.  So too as a nation we can disentangle by being modest, kind, and true to our intuitive selves.

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