SURINAME HANDING OVER CEREMONY              02 17 2012

By Ewalt Ainsworth

The money done and the eternal fun of the PPP done and so Jagdeo and Ramotar, two peas in a pod heading East to Suriname to get some papel and at the same time hand over some of the responsibilities  of patrolling the Corentyne river back to the Surinamese.  Guyana is unable to patrol and control smuggling of basic foodstuff; piracy has resulted in a reduction of the flow of goods and services and food supplies and spare parts are also threatened.

This Mashramani season will also experience a shortage of towels – (Guyana dollars).
The Government has run out of money and it is in such a bad financial shape that it cannot even print it on toilet paper.  This too is affecting the Finance Minister Dr. Ashni Singh, as he boogie-woogies to his intuitive clock and hopes for a less protracted and efficient way out.

So the Finance Minister may be heading West any day now, budget or no budget, to engineer a fresh stack of Guyana towels.  There are not enough physical notes and so salaries and commercial activity this Mashramani will be fiercely restricted.
Do not be dismayed; there is enough US and EC dollars to go around.  This is not the first time something like this is happening.  In times past the coffers at the NIS were drained to supplement the payment for teachers and soldiers.  And then scores of other times Jagdeo had to revert to funding from convicted drug dealer Roger Khan.  This weekend, he has dragged   a “working visit” to negotiate some gilders and polish some PARBOS, the official stealth beer of Suriname.

There was a time when Guyana used to feed that neighboring country with rice, sugar, coconuts, fish, shrimp and vegetables.  Today, the entire arrangement is in disarray.  Jagdeo, in an effort to bribe the Corentyne residents to support him and facilitate the illicit drug trade, disposed of the three rice mills in Mibicuri and the adjoining villages.  He also shifted sugar operations to Skeldon to barter rice from Suriname for sugar.  The sugar factory never worked; the people suffered.  The smugglers had to find hard currency and towels to do business.

The election campaign has used up the towels and today there is none prompting a-quickie and handing over ceremony for a few dollars more.

Roger Khan still has investments in Suriname and on previous occasions, Jagdeo has tried to get in on his pal’s divestments.
Earlier this week, Parliament made some decisions that put the supplementary budget in abeyance.  Both Jagdeo and Ramotar are out of their elements to find amicable and plural ways to resolve the financial issues. They have been spending without a modifying thought and now that there is a totally different and unexpected outcome of shared governance, they are like a chicken without a head…literally and metaphorically. Suriname President Desi Bourtese who has a very unusual alliance with Roger Khan,  may have to step up to the plate and bail them out   That is what friends are for.

The duo  of Ramotar and Jagdeo  have both over-indulged, over-reached and over-spent and are now out of stock in the areas of commonsense and fiduciary instruments.  Recent reports suggest that Finance Minister Dr. Ashni Singh has been dropping subtle hints about the financial state affairs and the gross mismanagement and emotionally driven duo; hence the Minister  of Finance, threatening to leave with or without permission unless his  colleagues and confederates are preparted to get serious and re-engineer and restart talks with the opposition APNU/AFC.
The Finance Minister even though unilateral in his thoughts is extremely disappointed with the entire Jagdeo/Ramotar regime and the crime and corruption.

He is cautiously optimistic that any good will trickle down from the closeted duo and “rather than sin me soul just leh me go.”
This is a direct reference of frustration of the PPP executives and government amidst failure to carve a budget and a working document for sustained growth and development.

Closeted sources are balking at the deliberate rape of the nation’s coffers and the abundant pirating of the assets, facilities and properties of the state apparatus.
The dismantling of the Guyana Pharmaceutical Corporation and the large sums of bulk payments allegedly to Bobby Ramroop for procuring, storing and handling needed meds and equipment for the Georgetown Hospital Corporation.  The disposition of the SANATA textile mills among other plant and equipment is also of concern to the imminent departure of the eminent Finance Minister.

The sources are also looking at the heavy handedness of the Jagdeo/Ramotar duo as grossly incompetent and prophesied “It cannot last; one from ten is zero.”

President Ramotar has not been able to win the favor and ovations within the party executive like his nemesis, Jagdeo.
Reading is difficult for him and understanding what he reads, is just as or often more difficult. Recently he was reading a document and half way through, the wind separated the three pages.  President Ramotar was unable to scan and continue; he had to start all over again “just to be on the safe side” he apologized.

In every sector of society there are now protests.
The rice farmers, the cane cutters, the public servants, the bauxite workers, the schools, the city councils, the University and the mini-bus drivers are all protesting day by day.  The fervent hope of this writer is that the protesters do not come together and link hearts and arms; if they do, Ramotar and Jagdeo cork duck.

The army last month called for new and improved communication links, boats, planes and trucks.  Can you imagine the army moving its men and women into action by special hire mini-buses?  That is the current state of affairs.

The people are better armed than the police or army combined.  In addition there are more ex-military men and women than there are lamp posts on any street or community.  Barking dogs seldom bite.

Jagdeo and Ramotar are spoiling for a conflict and conflagration this season of Mashramani and jubilation.  “They have better be careful and tred light”, according to the usually reliable sources.  “Accusations of rigging by the APNU/AFC is a form of devil worshipping and accusing others of what they do is basic Karl Marx demagoguery,” the source continued.


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