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SURINAME HANDING OVER CEREMONY              02 17 2012

By Ewalt Ainsworth

The money done and the eternal fun of the PPP done and so Jagdeo and Ramotar, two peas in a pod heading East to Suriname to get some papel and at the same time hand over some of the responsibilities  of patrolling the Corentyne river back to the Surinamese.  Guyana is unable to patrol and control smuggling of basic foodstuff; piracy has resulted in a reduction of the flow of goods and services and food supplies and spare parts are also threatened.

This Mashramani season will also experience a shortage of towels – (Guyana dollars).
The Government has run out of money and it is in such a bad financial shape that it cannot even print it on toilet paper.  This too is affecting the Finance Minister Dr. Ashni Singh, as he boogie-woogies to his intuitive clock and hopes for a less protracted and efficient way out.

So the Finance Minister may be heading West any day now, budget or no budget, to engineer a fresh stack of Guyana towels.  There are not enough physical notes and so salaries and commercial activity this Mashramani will be fiercely restricted. Continue reading