By EWALT AINSWORTH                             02 17 2012

GT has reached where it going and in the published allegation of a Fullah man committing unusual acts against little boys has been given a free pass by the professionally trained devious medical practitioner who is willing to put his license to kill on the line by claiming that the contaminated perpetrator is impotent and not capable of having sex.  Perhaps we will have to re-define sex and move away from the archaic definition of penetration by a man of a woman.   All these men need to be ducked in the sea off the Kingston jetty.
This doctor has been caught stooping and padooping to his handlers in the land of the corrupt and home of serial riggers and rapists.

Too often judgment in the Jagdeo/Ramotar Republic is Facebook material, race based and race baited. Country boys and country girls are made to kneel down on their necks and perform unusual acts and the perpetrators…men of power and influence, are set free.  Professional deviance is an acquired taste and the persecuted is made upset and confused and they never recover not even in adulthood.

This type of behavior leads to suicide and delayed participation in education and disillusion in the social norms and systems.  The society is made crude and the cure is really virtue.  Rape and the uncommon practice of same sex is a form of intimidation and the brighter the child is the more likely he or she will become a victim of a Fullah man or a commissioner of police.  These same victims have jump started the vicious cycle of creating more victims and go on to do the same things that was done to them by authority figures.

Sex has nothing to do with an erection as a matter of fact and the politicians are looking at the problem from the wrong angle. The Ramotar/Jagdeo duo  are looking at the laws and cultural mores to exonerate the Fullah man or commissioner that were never loved.  In actuality the duo are just as guilty as the perpetrators; they are willing to pursue the downfall of black people and uplift the East Indians whether or not they are guilty or innocent.

Children do not lie and the PPP has to be strong enough to get out of the business of protecting one sector of the society whether they are mascobees,  mushkunkus, muskrats or Muslims.  There is enough resentment to go around in GT and too many men of power and influence are exploiting the charges under them.  The environment itself is dis-spiriting and too many men especially are willing to disarm and disrobe permanently destroying the fabric of the society…the young and the breastless.

In a previous era the sweet and innocent were protected.  In this arena of scofflaws and men with mental flaws the objective is to get you angry and drag away your ability to be rational.  Too many barefoot criminals are occupying the spaces of high office and prestige.    The politicians are engaged in a mind game to get the vulnerable angry and resentful and make you cower to respect a chosen few when in fact they are hammering and clobbering the population en-masse.  All these reported incidents involve food and sex; sex and drugs; stooping and padooping.

No one is prepared to stand up to them and so they would use all the available powers like the clergy, the police, the lawyers and teachers.  This is not the end of the rape and disrespect of women and children.  Each passing day more will be revealed and the most unexpected personnel will be accused for exercising a recurrent problem.

The duo has both conscious and unconscious intent to break and make broken the people.  They are not afraid to induce and protect the perpetrators and so that way, they can wield power and subjugate it citizens.  The objective at this juncture is not to resolve the problems at hand but to find a way to have a new future that the past is not dragged into the future and this calls for a certain grace and solitude to overcome.

The medical institutions, the police and social services are all commandeered and organized to reproduce a certain outcome.
The Fullah man does not have to have an erection to have sex.  In this era you can strap on a penis, use your finger or even your mouth.  No one is prepared to upgrade the laws to suit the electronic and market driven society and so the Fullah man and cleric will get away with whatever the medical doctor says he is.

I simply wish I knew this doctor to sit and speak with him and to itemize the greater ills of depression, smoking weed, gambling, pornography, and overeating in the society and get a clear cut response on how these things factor in to the addictive diseases that plague societies.  There is also institutional deviance and perhaps the doctors who kill their wives and tag their in-laws should first come under the proverbial microscope and let the community deal with the Fullah man, irrespective of whether he is impotent and or innocent.  Amen.

Ewalt “Waltie Ainsworth” –


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