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By EWALT AINSWORTH                             02 17 2012

GT has reached where it going and in the published allegation of a Fullah man committing unusual acts against little boys has been given a free pass by the professionally trained devious medical practitioner who is willing to put his license to kill on the line by claiming that the contaminated perpetrator is impotent and not capable of having sex.  Perhaps we will have to re-define sex and move away from the archaic definition of penetration by a man of a woman.   All these men need to be ducked in the sea off the Kingston jetty.
This doctor has been caught stooping and padooping to his handlers in the land of the corrupt and home of serial riggers and rapists.

Too often judgment in the Jagdeo/Ramotar Republic is Facebook material, race based and race baited. Country boys and country girls are made to kneel down on their necks and perform unusual acts and the perpetrators…men of power and influence, are set free.  Professional deviance is an acquired taste and the persecuted is made upset and confused and they never recover not even in adulthood. Continue reading