COUSIN BABA LAID TO REST                     02 102012


A tale of rags to riches does not necessarily tell the holistic and whole truth of the life and times of entrepreneur and philanthropist Angela Una Daly, 86 who died on January 21, 2012, and was buried recently in Linden, New Jersey USA.

Standing room only as relatives and friends, some known and unknown…before work and after work, in uniform and others in slacks wiped away tears and fears. There were musical and oral tributes…… each ideal, each different but collaterally, alike.  Still others brought flasks of beverages, platters of food and new wine in old wine skins.  Parking was at a premium and high occupancy vehicles were directed to higher ground;   some came from far and some came from near; some were black and others were white; some were straight and quite others were gay.  They all assembled and pondered their own purpose in life.  Cousin Baba embraced a curriculum of inclusion and was everything to everyone, every time, everywhere; that is the genesis and summary of her life.

It was a Thursday night mass at the EVELYN JOHN citadel on Snyder Avenue in Brooklyn as Reverend Dr Evelyn John personally funeralised the founder member of her congregation.  It was lamented that Cousin Baba loved a tantalise as a rod of correction and was always vocal and never absent from church or choir practice unless she was absolutely out of the country or otherwise indisposed.

The Reverend Dr Evelyn John was tearful as she was repetitious in delivering and describing the original operatic singer and gifted socialite who was a pillar of strength and an emblem of content and public service.
Cousin Baba as she was fondly known was also a honorary member and front line singer in the New York based EX-POLICE VOICE CHOIR even though she was never a member of the disciplined services.  Some of the fellas say she excelled in parang and folk songs at Christmas and national celebrations.  Mashramani was her favorite time of year.

Cousin Baba was the owner of the still operating DALY RESTAURANT and Bar on Callender Street, Albouystown.  She was home in Guyana as recent as September and spent more than six weeks mixing and meddling with customers, old and new.

Cousin Baba had 14 adult children who in turn gave her 34 grandchildren and 37 great grand children and to date, seven great-great-great grandchildren.

One person observed at the eulogy that “cousin Baba like so many other women of her status and stately raised a cluster of 14 kids and they all rallied around her in her decline and demise.”
This observation prompted cheers for all the offspring, relatives and friends who gathered for the soulful experience.  JEGGAE DRUMS made cool aid of the tears that flowed.  Some people had to borrow tears and kept sobbing at the passing of the well built and assembled fashion plate, Cousin Baba.

Her body was interred horizontally at the Linden New Jersey burial ground and not set vertically as rumored in some circles. Cousin Baba, maiden name Lee, leaves to mourn an additional brother and sister and the entire Anns Grove and Albouystown communities where she spent her formative years in Guyana.

Ewalt “Waltie” Ainsworth –


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