GT SLIPPING INTO DARKNESS              02 10 2012


In the pre-run up to Mashramani one of Guyana’s most accomplished and decorated pan men, Roy Geddes had to kick and bite without screaming to ward off a bandit in his own home and front yard.  Last year veteran finger-panist Rudy Bishop was relieved of some G 6million TOWELS when he returned home for a brief holiday.  How come no Chutney exponent don’t get muscled, choke-and- robbed in multi-ethnic, multi-racial, multi-drugs and a multitude of bandits sussing you out eh?   GT in darkness overhead and overnight and the PPP are overheard listening in total silence and overlooking the cries of the people in overdrive.  No respect for the veterans and gatekeepers of the culture.  Is anybody home?

The bandits stabbed Roy Geddes leader of the SILVERTONES STEEL ORCHESTRA   several times and converted his striped shirt into a red-polka-dot as blood clot in several places along his upper body.  In the end, Roy had to give up his signature gold chains and catch his breath before the hapless police detectives arrived.

A man told me overnight that “Jagdeo is back (from India) living with his two sisters…all girls while the men got to walk and look back in the dark cause a bandits.”  Some say that too many ranks are assigned to protecting paper-back leaders and heroes of the PPP administration.  The protected class ideally can afford their own protection but the people are powerless to call for a re-distribution and resurgence of fair play and justice.

Black-on-black crime in GT has reached a new high and is affecting and afflicting too many in high places while the social engineers are getting high on the high of the high perpetrators.  In the height of the high tide season, the High Court is being confronted with petitions to drop charges against the Highnesses of the beggaring Muslim cleric and the consensual and discordant Commissioner of Police Henry Greene.
This is a real problem.  Criminals are no longer waiting for the cover of darkness to commit crimes anymore.  Perhaps it may be a good thing to back-track and research the real beneficiaries and causes of the crime as GT slips into darkness, literally and metaphorically.

Yes blacks are being arrested, prosecuted and persecuted for a large number of crimes even though from all indications they are a minority population.  The PPP government divides, deceives, dupes and denies the real truth of the matter by withholding the pseudo-science, statistics, trends and trajectories about crime and punishment.  People like the commissioner are set up for failure and think emotionally rather than rationally or intuitively.
These folks get promotions by default and the hole becomes the whole problem.  Sorry to say that wholesome love goes on the backburner and the wholistic self is withheld in gay abundance.  Jagdeo as leader of the evolution in Guyana has not been displaying strength, courage or moral fortitude.  He does not maintain a nuclear family; monkey see monkey do.

Instead he cowers behind the morally weak and greedy and at the same time fortifying himself and a chosen few.  Guyana was originally constructed and designed with strong Christian and moral principles in mind but sad to say, wrong has become right and wrong is made right by the superstructure.  Darkness has overcome the days and efforts of the genuine few.

A dear friend and re-migrant of mine is constructing a home on the East Coast less than two miles away from the C-Division headquarters.  He has two security guards on the premises at night and during the day, there are workmen.  Two 40-foot containers of building   materials go missing and he accosts the “Security people.  One of them admits and takes my friend to the home of an Indian businessman who bought the stuff off him, below market price.

The police is called in and the black security guard has to make his own bail and the person who engineered the heist, walks free.  My friend was also challenged to prove ownership and paying all applicable duties and fees.  He had to end up bribing the police before he actually got his stuff back.

Crime is not crime as we may be led to believe.  Crime like sex is an expression of resentment against the social apparatus.  Crime in Guyana is only reported and acted upon when the victim and expected outcome affects the black population.  Just for the fun of it take a trip to Vigilance Magistrate’s court, a suburb of Buxton, and see the ethnic makeup and physical attributes of those attending courts.  Also look at the judgments and see who gets off or a slap on the risk as against those who are remanded to prison.  And if you live In Blairmont, do the same thing or Vergenogen or Suddie.

In colonial times police stations/precincts were cited adjacent to places of employment so that the underpaid and overworked masses would not storm and disrupt the free flow of goods and services.  “Today, there are not enough organized jobs and services and all the people are protesting, looting, shooting and killing each other.  The entire country is slipping into a dark poverty while a few are sipping a chemical cocktail, twice as dark.

I hold no brief for the Commissioner of Police Henry Green but in Victoria we were given a script that says VICTORIA MEN ARE NEVER WRONG.  It is not that we do not do wrong but then the platform, with which you mount wrong, has to be plausible.  The alleged victim of the rape is from Victoria.  I know her father enough to make the observation that she is not wrong in making the allegation.

The PPP administration cannot say they did not know and pretend it is a personal problem of the Commissioner.  Behavior is a learned activity; monkey see monkey do.

“Rape is also a control mechanism in corrupt and drug dealing administrations.  The story has been told of another senior official of the PPP who has an adult child living and studying abroad.  An unpaid credit card bill for US5,000 dollars went delinquent.  A careful review of the statements revealed that all the purchases were at the lingerie store of VICTORIA SECRET.  In actuality, the brown-skin-betty supports a drug habit by pole dancing.

Only 1 in 28 of all graduates from the University of Guyana over the last 18 years gets a job locally and in his or her chosen field.  There have also been cases of current students getting away from school and committing rapes, murder, hold ups and bank robberies while attending the University of Guyana.  The only time you hear of these crimes is when the perpetrator is black.

Stories also abound of extraordinary drug use on campuses and female students especially, rather than drinking and getting high are absorbing alcohol by applying it to their menstrual pads.  This way they do not smell of alcohol and avoid detection but the expected outcome of drunkenness is achieved.

In the New York school system, teacher’s administrators and parents of Indo-Guyanese, are at their wit’s end to find answers to some of the problems.  The Indian population is not integrating well.  In addition, there is an overt disposition to drug trafficking and prostitution.

Quietly, parents have been networking to get their charges to conduct traditional and cultural rituals.  The long and short of the matter is that their kids embrace and endorse Hispanic mores as against helping out by dating and  marrying relatives back home who are undocumented or  wanting to come.

The problems are multi-cultural, multi-faceted, multi-layered and multi-dimensional but at the end of the day, the problems are projected onto blacks when in actuality the system is being manipulated and manufactured to make one ethnicity culpable and criminal at the expense of the other.

Ewalt “Waltie Ainsworth” –


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