HURT AND RESCUE TO THE RESCUE                    02 04 2012


The argument has been posited in some quarters that previous government organizations in Guyana were essentially welfare disbursement agencies in disguise.

Recent floods are disproving this argument because the farmers have no place or policy or program to fall back on.  Redeeming their glory, efforts and lifestyles is bringing out the worst among the best of us.  The farmers are blocking roads, burning tyres and refusing to disperse showing the police what a united population can do.  They are that hurt because the government has destroyed the agencies that traditionally brought help, money and infrastructure to ensure that continued growth and development.   Those agencies took them from despair and disdain to a platform of democracy and development.

The PPP in an effort to garner votes and ensure continuity in government, disbanded the security nets like the Guyana Airways Corporation (GAC),  External Trade Bureau (ETB), the Guyana Rice Board (GRB),  Guyana Agricultural Development Bank (GAIBANK), Knowledge Sharing Institute (KSI), The Housing Development Bank, National Service (GNS) and the Guyana National Cooperative Bank  (GNCB) among others.

America with all its greatness and charming splendor subsidizes farming and protects all its people through the Federal Emergency Agency (FEMA).  The  duo, Jagdeo/Ramotar have systematically and deliberately breaks down and tears apart the programs that give sustenance to the collective will and provisions of the Guyanese people.

Yakusari, in Black Bush Polder, has taken the lead in protesting their vulnerabilities under the PPP government.  Ann’s Grove is also protesting and scores of others up and down the coastal and agricultural delta.

A-lil-bit-a-rain has started to poke holes in the cowardliness and backwardness in how the government responds to emergencies and crises.  They first hurt the people and then come out in full regalia to rescue them.  Preventative medicine is sometimes the best cure for social ills but it calls for some bit of forward thinking to have a working document.

Planning and not working by feelings is critical in this day and age.  Toss out the racial part of it and walk with me for a while.

Not very many people can handle stress and when people feel defeated and dysfunctional; they turn their anger against themselves and commit suicide.
They also drink, commit rape, go shopping, travel abroad, abuse their families, cut themselves, drive faster and snort marijuana.  That is when the government steps in after the people come to a stage where they have a pallet of issues and woes and offer them laptops and lexwees.

Rain is an act of God but there are things that can be done, one day at a time, to cushion and charter relief efforts.  Some of these things do not call for great outlays of capital.
Education is key, but the same way they have institutionalized blackouts, the same way they will make floods their MO (modus operadi). Different specialists and contractors and commissions will be engineered to come take a look and give lofty advice on how to minimize and move on.  Stress is a great tool in my book if handled with grace.  This is lacking with mouth-a-preh-preh Jagdeo and placebo Ramotar.

It has been two decades this writer has not heard of a fire in any cane field in Leonora, Uitvlugt, Wales, Enmore, Blairmont or Skeldon.  The reason for that is there are no more cane farmers.  Unreasonable people run things in Guyana and they have succeeded in running peasant farmers out of the country as they cultivate a dictatorship.
The cane fields in Hawaii, Barbados, Antigua and Miami are full with cutlass wielding men and women working in a distant land for weak monies.  They are paid weekly and have to embelish the truth of their suffering to stay alive.  Now a flood of anger in ethnic enclaves is weakening the people and their hopes for a better life.

The Mahaica/Mahaicony/Abary (MMA) rice program and the Tapakuma Irrigation project in Essequibo have been reduced to folders in the filing cabinets under the supervision of the new Agri Minister, Dr Leslie Ramsammy.   The master plan is to hurt the farmers in such a way that they will have to come running and begging on their knees for crumbs from the proverbial table.  When you get people vex, you can also get them to come running and behaving like you.  All these behaviors are tabulated in the Soviet manuscripts that serve as a bible to the duo.

These people like to be pleased.  They want to be praised and seen as superlatives and super men and women when in fact they are exactly the opposite.  But Guyana is slowly but surely waking up to these camera tricks and are learning to make the right decisions rather than the wrong ones.  The hurt may be ingrained but not unbearable.  In the current chain of command the farmers are responding to their intuitive selves.


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  1. Posted by Hazel Marshall on February 7, 2012 at 3:00 pm

    Sent: Tue, Feb 7, 2012 5:32 am
    Subject: Re: Fwd: Ex-slave old letter

    Waltie, thank you for this one. I am going to use it in a teachable moment this week for a black history month assignment. Yo good, stay suh.


  2. Posted by dusasan subick veronica on December 28, 2013 at 4:21 am

    I’ve been out of date since long and I’d like to know more about Yakusari Black Bush Polder,please.Infact, I’d like to get in contact with someone living there,around 46 Yakusari South.I’ve been abroad a long time and I’m still often nostalgic and even homesick.Thanks


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