SUGAR: SUGAR-SUGAR                                           01 30 2012


Eating sugar has nothing to do with it; it is more about what sugar is eating you.

Diabetes is an equal opportunity disease and the spit-press has it that immediate past president, of Guyana, Bharrat Jagdeo is on his way to India to seek medical attention.  No guarantees have been offered because of the deep seated distrust for Western medicine and operatives; he is heading to the motherland in search of a cure.

References have been made to his loud, protracted, malicious and in-appropriate outbursts as symptoms of diabetic anger.  Mr. Jagdeo over the years has not been known to be a physically active and engaging in sport activities.  His diagnosis of suspected diabetes is by shear default. 

A medical team was looking at his nemesis, President Ramotar and the old saying that “what is good for the goose is also good for the gander” holds a lot of truth in it.  Ramotar has scores of complications of his own.  In his charitable self, if Jagdeo gets through, he would seek treatment too outside of Guyana.  In addition, he stepped back from the India trip because he did not have a robe to compliment his wardrobe.  Pride got the better of him.

The lawyers too are rallying about them both to compute their wealth, assets and legacy if any, in the arena of politics.  In the case of the Presidency, it will go next to the Prime Minister Sam Hinds.  I can smell fish; curass, basha, banga and hassar.  None of them can contemplate or foresee handing over the party to a black man.
Doubt is a disease entity and sugar may merely be a gateway to other perils and possibilities.  Talk half, leff half.
Jagdeo and Ramotar even in sickness are holding on…barnacling themselves to the apanjat movement in the face of death and destruction.

Cheddie’s grandson…also named Cheddie Junior, similar age like the leader in Pyongyan (30), has been given a desk near to the co-authors of the demise and dilution of the Guyanese people as heir apparent.  But that is a matter for a different discussion.  Today it is sugar.

The bible suggests about diabetes that “wherever two or three are gathered, there shall he be also.”  The entire Caribbean community is now consumed by sugar. Sugar is more common than fresh cold and none shall escape.  This week, the dialysis center has been opened to the general public in Georgetown.  They took care of their own first before making it a community activity.

Sugar is eating us all  as a non communicable disease and the politicians, medical community and development planners need  no more time to sign on to this pandemic.  A new clinic should be opened in every region, every ethnic enclave and in every office, field and factory rather than cherry picking clients.

Jamaica, Trinidad, Barbados, Guyana, Antigua, Dominica and all the adjoining islands are suffering from diabetes related illnesses.  The region is spending one dollar out of every five dollars generated on sugar.   The cumulative effect is that it is leaving the populace broken, despondent, vulnerable, neglected and abused; sometimes all of the above.  This year at the recently concluded UN confab, regional medical outfits met to draw attention to the problem.  Much was said but little was done.  The region is not alone.  The problem is global but we with our scarce resources and false pride can be first to adjust our diets, exercise, think clearly and act gracefully.  The bacchanal is over.

There is no quick fix for sugar but a mental adjustment, not reacting violently and vociferously are little ways to overcome sugar rather than sugar overcoming us.  Too often we harbor resentment and are always looking to seek satisfaction and delight in material things.  The more we get, the worse we become.  Sugar is preventable if only we make a collective and concerted effort to leave back the things we eat and look at the things that are eating us.

Guyana did a little thing recently, looks more like an election gimmick but anyhow, they initiated a low cost dialysis clinic.  The majority of Guyanese live out in the countryside and a clinic in Georgetown is a media spectacle.

Sugar is an equal opportunity disease.  It affects young and old, black, white, indigenous and all in between, Baptist and Catholic, gay and straight, small island and big island.  It also affects those with resident status overseas and those who born-ya.  It even affects marijuana users and those who drink bitters religiously.   Exercise for the cure.  Swim, Run, skip, jump for 20 minutes every day, at a scheduled time.  The goal is to be consistent.  Please be informed as a caveat that the medications the doctor recommends should be deleted.  Exercise must be in addition to.

Sugar cannot be inherited but in some families, they practice the same rituals and it may look like it was passed down from generation to generation when in actuality, all of you have bad ways…look alike, think alike and do alike.

Reverse the curse; walk for the cure of sugar in the entire Caribbean community.


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