Far apart mek ochra dry-a-tree

Far apart mek ochra dry-a-tree                                01 29 2012


The parting salvo to immediate past President  Bharrat Jagdeo by placebo President Donald Ramotar was “far apart mek ochra dry-a-tree.”  This is a Creole, rustic and crude way in saying…do not leave me this way; do not be long;  please come back and be by my side.

Guyana reach where it going.  A man begging another man not to go.  Even toddlers like their independence from their hovering parents.  Puppies too.  Puppy-dogs are happiest when they can jump around and romp and roll and learn from their experiences.  But not Mr. Ramotar.  One man confided that “birds that can sing(h) and refuse to sing(h) will be made to sing(h).”
This is not necessarily an endorsement by me, but I understand.

It is a robe according to informed sources that has prevented Mr. Ramotar from attending the Delhi Sustainable Development Summit 2012 (DSDS 2012) in India on February 2-4, 2012.  Mr. Ramotar is still going through his paces under the careful eye of a crack select military group.  He has to learn basic language skills, etiquette, bathroom protocols, technology, communication, military nuances and techniques and dressing for success.
The training core is still to find an area of strength that they can build on and apportion a grade.  His raw scores are atrocious.

Mr. Ramotar it is alleged does not know the national anthem of Guyana or can he recite two lines of any patriotic songs.  Only the black cabinet members in the PPP administration have a working knowledge of national policy and patriotic subjects.

One thing good about the clan is that they can all count money.  They can look at each other’s dentures and come up with a good estimate of wealth.  A gold tooth represents a million US. Currently, the military training corps is experiencing a high turnover of staff through frustration. They are now at the stage of prepping Mr. Ramotar to make a tie knot, handle a Blackberry and a computer.

Simultaneously they are looking at how he sits, the significance of colors, deportation, carriage and decorum.  Apparently, Mr. Ramotar may have a handful of ties, shirts and suits and is most comfortable in shirt-jacs.  He has been spotted a number of times with his shirt front open to his belly button/navel especially after a few drinks.  The coaches are getting extreme difficulty in getting him to wear a robe; he considers it feminine because he considers himself a man’s man and never had a robe.  He has not yet grasped the concept of protocols and policies and wants to reinvent the system to his own disabilities, dysfunctions and likeness wearing. He would not wear “a dress”, according to informed sources, while Jagdeo seems to relish lounging gowns and robes.

Jagdeo has been overheard of wanting to trade his name with that of Transport Minister Robeson Benn.  He loves the idea of feeling free, especially when he travels overseas.

Mr. Ramotar is having a real difficult time keeping up appearances.  Jagdeo runs things and sees Ramotar like a placebo.  In medical circles, a placebo is when a patient is given a sugar pill for a headache for example instead of a Phensic and reports significant improvement and feeling better.  There have been reported cases of patients with knee injuries being given a sedative and wrapping the affected area with a plaster.  These same patients rise and dance and hop and sometimes ten years later, speak of the miracle cure.  Medicine is at the stage now that if you think you are healed, you are.

Jagdeo gave us his best replacement and in his head, he thinks Ramotar is the best thing after slice bread.  Roti may be a better way of putting it.

Earlier this year, the Health Ministry recruited more than 200 interns for positions in hospitals and clinics nationwide.  This year, the emphasis seems to be on mental health care rather than the traditional comfort care and dispensing of medications.  Particular attention is being paid to coaching the new entrants on how to identify, soothe and redirect persons with episodic and ongoing mental disorders.  Response to the classes has been overwhelming.  Not only are the students thrilled to identify the leaders with some of the tell-tale signs but even among themselves they have eyewitness clients.

Mental issues seem to be the new ‘fresh-cold’ in emerging societies.  No wonder the Commissioner of Police Henry Green is refusing to leave.  Jagdeo seems to be displaying both psychopathic and sociopathic behaviors according to the observations made by the current mental health class.

The DSM IV suggests that there is no meaningful difference between a sociopath and a psychopath.  A sociopath is very organized and will give the appearance of success, tolerance and authority but when you enter into his space, he can be both bitchy and crude.  Ask the wives about this type of behavior.

A psychopath on the other hand, prefers to operate in an open theatre and cussing out, protesting and demanding favors without any declared outcome or reason.  Most of them end up homeless or in some sanctuary or prison.  Call name and I would whistle.

This year, 20 holidays have been listed.  The next holiday will be “February 5,   It is understood that Mr. Jagdeo will exploit the opportunity while in India, to participate in some ritualistic movements…notice I did not say obeah but you know what I mean.

The notion of “far apart” begs the question that President Ramotar also wants some cynical and sexual healing.  He needs help, big time.  As a matter of fact, some folks have begun to speculate that this may be the last year for Mashramani celebrations.  Ramotar has suggested in more ways than one that the February 23 celebrations are intrinsically linked to former President Forbes Burnham, born February 20.  Perhaps October, his birth month may be the new date they are looking at but already Eid is celebrated.  Two days of revelry cannot hurt anymore.  (see attached list of all holidays for Guyana this year.)

Here is a list of holidays in Guyana.  Please be advised that when a holiday falls on a Sunday it is celebrated on the Monday.

January 1     –  New Years Day; February 5   –   Youman Nabi;  February 23  – Republic Day; March 8 – Phagwah;  April 6 – Good Friday;  April 9  – Easter Monday;  May 1  -Labour Day;  May 5 – Indian Arrival Day;  May 26  – Independence Day;  July 2 – Caricom Day;  August 1 – Emancipation Day;  October 26 – Eid Ul-Adha;  November 13 – Deepawali;  December 25 – Christmas Day;  December 26 – Boxing Day

A special committee within the PPP and excluding the APNU and AFC, have been quietly looking at the distribution pattern of holidays.  The PPP has over the last two decades, broken up and hemorrhaged the “Trade Union movement, masquerade bands, limited the use of former church based schools and generally speaking, has stopped giving entitlements to blacks.

February is also celebrated globally as Black History month and seminars and caucuses will be held in several communities to regain and recapture the inputs and contributions of the CUFFY generation. One of the more troubling things in Guyana was the sale and disposition of St Ambrose Anglican Church at the corners of Bourda and Regent Streets.

Former Anglican Bishop, Randolph George is also alleged to have disposed of vast acreages of land owned by the church and for a fee, has enriched himself by building a mac-mansion in the continental divide.

The Sanata textile mill, all 18 acres with massive plants and equipment, has been divested to a friend of Jagdeo for a dollar.

“The cinemas where we all attended and took our first dates have all been converted into mega-churches.

The police do not investigate rapes, domestic violence, car thefts or conduct car chases anymore.  In the case of car chases, the police vehicles are known to run out of gas and the decision was made to pursue such incidents with helicopters on the strict advice and recommendation of the Home Affairs Minister, Clement Rohee.  Time out.


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