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LAPTOPS AND LEXWEES                             01 29 2012


Originally in my head I was prepared to write a few lines on my lawyer, my mechanic, my lifelong friend at the Bank of Guyana and other hazardous materials. I had the entire structure and layout on the computer all ready and rearing to go and then something happened.  I had to walk aside and later meld my disappointment about these jokers who have devolved into insecurity and need things, money and connive to look good.  Social investments, friendship and camaraderie have become obsolete, irrelevant and it is all about the towels (money).

Yeah I was trying to concoct and put some method to the madness but then I got a telephone call from an indigenous family and friend.  She got herself a PPP car but has no money to make the payments, so she is calling yours truly…”is only 30 towels a month” (US $150.00).  I had to tell her “I can barely pay attention much less pay for a car that she does not need, cannot afford, and lethal to her own welfare and mental health.”

She tried to be nice and cajole me about family, but commonsense must prevail. These days in GT the Jagdeo/Ramotar combo is doing anything and everything to launder the drug money and making victims of citizens. My family cannot drive and her teaching job is just a spit away.  In the end, she had to join with her sister and her daughter to pay for the LEXUS and christen it LEXWEE because all of them have to join and pay for it on a cooperative basis. Continue reading