PAPER-BACK HEROES                                 01 25 2012


Self-deportation seems to be a GT thing.  The government is creating paper-back heroes out of deportees and licking down authentic scholars and professionals whose only sin is tabulating the gross in-efficiencies and in-effectiveness of Jagdeo and the PPP.  The hard core and hard cover versions of this episodic saga are protected, promoted and preserved at any and all costs. Remember, Jagdeo is still running things through his puppet -Ramotar.

Freddie Kissoon had the rug pulled from under him and GECOM whistle-blower Vincent Alexander, whose day-job is Registrar, University of Guyana.   Jagdeo is also pursuing an active program of ethnic cleansing by shooting down a certain sector of professionals and replacing them with East Asian nationals and criminals in equal doses.  

Deportees are on every flight originating from sanctuary cities like New York, Newark, Miami and Baltimore.
The disgusting thing is graduates from the US Justice System who are not from here, fake it and make it in GT, compliments of the PPP.

The government embraces this culture of deceit, impotence, graft, drugs and corruption.  Those with eyes to see and ears to hear are condemned, hustled and hassled into sobriety and silence as they recruit more and more and produce less and less, compliments of the PPP.

Another unsettling event is the tandem effect.  Not only are the condemned  criminals running home but their intimate partners and  parents too, to ensure that their landing and placement in a ‘decent-job’ is automatic and expedient based on racial preferences and cultural taboos.

No exact figures are available but references in the media suggest that Ahmad and Roger Khan for example, were intimate partners with the Jagdeo administration. The street level dealers,  these kids are going back home and are finding productive life styles, jobs and networking in the drug trade so that they can do distance coverage of their lifestyles.

Not only are Guyanese nationals coming back home but also other ethnic minorities from India, Nigeria, China, Singapore and Pakistan.  They are all coming to “Guyana creating false documents, establishing homesteads, bribing and corrupting politicians and government officials and running their drug empires under the watchful eye of the  Jagdeo/Ramotar administration.

Recenly in an East Asian capital, more than two million towels, Guyana’s official currency, was being traded on the streets.  In another case published globally, scores of passports were found and being sold.  Guyana’s immediate past President has been able to establish working relationships with these countries in lumber exportation, furniture manufacture and trading in forestry products. The PPP also has been quietly bringing into the country technicians and teachers to work in the hinterland schools and at the university.

On face value this may look like a good thing but under the socio-economic microscope, the PPP is devaluing and diluting the skills and potentials of Afro-Guyanese and their own Indians as well.

Black people have a pioneering spirit.  They place a high social premium in education and social development.  Prior to Independence in 1966 they moved to interior locations like Annai, Aishalton, Lethem, Bartica, Monkey Mountain, Kamarang, Moruca, Port Kaituma and Matthews Ridge among others and settled.  They integrated well and started communities.
By self-help, they built health centers, airstrips, schools, post offices and all the little things to keep life and soul together.

Today, four decades later, these people are being displaced because they did not vote a certain way and or support a certain party.  Linen did not come out in favor of the PPP last November elections and the proposed road that the Brazilians promised, is being re-routed to East Berbice.
Brazil has the third largest population of black people outside of Africa and they have a tradition of living and working with black people but Mr. Jagdeo does not want blacks to strive.  He has taken it upon himself to alter all the plans.

At the University of Guyana, he is now pulling the contracts of those who oppose him.  Mr. Kissoon’s contract has been rescinded and Mr. Alexander who spotted the manufactured mathematical error in the vote counting, is on the chopping block.

Clem David, News editor of Guyana Broadcasting Corporation was also fired by the PPP.  Clem died a year ago, a bitter man from a disease worse than cancer…he died from DFJ…Disdain for Jagdeo.  What is worse, he never got his pension.

Adam Harris

Adam Harris, former editor of the Government owned Chronicle mouthpiece, was fired when the PPP came to office two decades ago. Adam is now a TV News anchor and Editor-in-Chief of Kaieteur News.

Last November, Adam turned 62 and is still fighting to get his pension and severence pay from the Chronicle.  The PPP is claiming that they cannot prove that he worked.  Every other fool knows Adam and his teaching at the “Bartica Secondary School in 1966; his days as an Information Officer in both Regions Seven and Six and his attachment to Ministry of National Development.  APNU head, David Granger, Gerry Harry, Hilton Hemerding among others, know these things but they are all not worthy witnesses to the plight of the right.

The PPP as the incumbent party must know that they have established a dangerous trend in retiring and re-firing all they do not like and aligning themselves with criminal gangs and operators.  Deportees when they come back to Guyana can select what they want.  In another section of this blog there is a story about a deportee finding it more lucrative to do business in GT.

Another one from St. Croix who migrated as a toddler, is singing the praises of his new home.  Others have been able to get jobs as drug counselors in the Ministry of Social Services.  Unfortunately, the Police shot and killed one of them outside Stabroek Market in the middle of the night thus putting a pause on the WOW-effect of the PPP.

Perhaps Jagdeo has a job lined up for some other known arch-criminals.  The former President has nothing to do and a whole day to do it; do not be surprised that more victims will fall as he creates paper-back heroes for the Mashramani celebrations come February 23 2012.

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