By  EWALT AINSWORTH                01 23 2012

There is a certain propensity by both politicians and parents alike, to duplicate and replicate themselves in communities and in families.

It is a silly-billy-singh  thing to want to make people do exactly like you do. Cloning is an active verb and ridicule a way of life in visible minority communities.  Parenting seems to be an obsolete skill as politicians create and manufacture social traps to keep the electorate in bondage while they drink bonded reserve in their penthouses.  That type of social bonding creates poverty and a class system.  These were never the ideals and ideas of Cheddie Jagan, Forbes Burnham and Eusi Kwayana.  Kwayana is the last man standing from that era and wishes Guyana well in shared governance and mutual respect.        

One would have thought that Speaker of the HOUSE, young Raphael Trotman and alternate leader of the AFC, would be the ideal candidate but the PPP has started to make rough house.  The “Us or chaos” dogma will not be entertained at this juncture.  Take warning To Whom It May Concern.

The leadership of the PPP is both top-heavy and has begun to look like a senior citizen’s center and here it is a young man has been brought to the fore to bring some semblance of commonsense and method to the madness and you complaining eh?  Things go better when there is competition and challenges.  And if democracy is to prevail and shared governance an activity, Mr. Trotman will remain polite and contrite.

Guyana is a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic, plural and diverse society.  No one race should hold sway or influence over the other.  But these things are easier said than done.  Mr. Jagdeo must have known that Guyana is not a plantation.  The same way you must want a balanced diet to be well, aware and smart; by the same token there must be an a stress to bring balance to social development, employment, enjoyment and industry.

President Ramotar has some bitter lessons to learn.  This cat and mouse, egg and spoon game that he wants to play will not give him longevity or a standing ovation.  Even the Caribbean Airline pilots continue to get applauses each time and every time they safely bring the planes down.  Where is your applause?

Guyana is a “taste and buy” republic; we believe in retail politics and that way, you can see, feel and understand what is happening in Zorg, Linden, Little Biaboo, Kingeley,  Tain, Kato, Mahdia, Moruca and Annai.

February 23 the electorate will be observing 42 years as a Republic; give them the needed jobs, social security and a sense of community they so desperately need.  It is difficult to understand why only a certain group is cherry picked to be criminals while another group totally different in outlook, is pursuing happiness and being rewarded with agricultural loans, expansive homes, trips abroad and scholarships.  Make the wrongs right or “lef’ write” according to Sharma.

A trip to any court house in rural Guyana will reveal a pre-ponderance of East Indians being called for land disputes, theft, robberies, sexual abuse, public mischief and fraud but yet still in the newspaper, Afro-Guyanese dominate the pages.  There are also more East Indian lawyers than their Afro-centric counterparts but you do not hear about them prevailing in cases.  More ethnic Indians are deported from New York on a regular basis but you hardly ever hear about them.  Recently an African American legal luminary in the Es34x County New Jersey area had to ask me “what’s up with the Indians in your country?”

Jagdeo had been pushing a divide and rule, apan-jat program hoping for a different result but unfortunately, it is back firing on him.  The Skeldon sugar estate automated project is a white elephant; The Berbice Bridge is not making money and the Providence Sports Project is a white elephant.

On another level, the people who were given maxi-taxis and mini-buses at complimentary rates from the banks, are catching hell.  The Guyana Defence Force and Police Force have become principal sources of income for private taxis, trucks and mini buses.  When they have to go on special raids and operations, they have to sequester these operators; no wonder black people are being caught because they do not run from anything not even to save their own lives.

At the beginning of this year, gasoline hovered at US 5.00.  Mini bus short drop fares are US .50 cents (five miles or less).  A trip to Rosignol/New Amsterdam is US 6.00 (an average 70 miles); and to Linden, it is US 5.00 an average of 50 miles.  The biggest crowds outside the car parks in GT are those of contract mini-bus drivers.
The owners 85% Indians, bring the buses into the city themselves and give day jobs to drivers.  No longer can they afford to have full time salaried drivers and conductors because of lack of industries/business in the various capitals.

Another way of putting it is that there is a deepening crisis of reverse discrimination in Guyana.

There is also a very high percentage of incomplete housing stocks.
The physical structure may be done but the windows or the fence or even the bridge may be incomplete.  The fence may be complete but no water or all-weather road to gain access to the super-structures and mac-mansions.

In other cases, all the above may be completed but the builder may be incarcerated, killed or may be a fugitive from the DEA or FBI.  Call name and I will whistle.

The respective municipalities are struggling. The merchants have to pay so much in protection money that they are finding it now impossible to pay taxes.   KFC alone owes more than US2 million in back taxes.  The Mayor is moving to impound and seize their plant and equipment.  Zoning of industries has also been a problem and a the Jagdeo administration did not make any attempt to set standards and enforce strict business principles.

There is now shared governance and the PPP has begun to look silly.
“The average home in Guyana used to be illuminated with 4 bulbs now each room has ten bulbs.  A resident needs street lights, he has to install it to his home and pay the attendant bill.

I feel guilty in writing about the silliness of the Jagdeo administration.  There is no count or record of mortgages.  You need a house, just build anywhere you want.  You need a car, bring it in.  You need a hotel, knock down a school and build one like the way they lick down the Lillian Dewar college next to the Pegasus; the reason for this new hotel is because Jagdeo and the owner of Pegasus don’t agree ideologically.

And these are just the little silly things that PPP does with the hope of making one race stronger and the other weaker.  Recently, the Portuguese and Chinese communities that took a hiatus in Canada and the Caribbean are coming back.  Dave Martins recently cut the new national anthem for GT ‘GUYANA COMING BACK” HE REALLY MEANT THE EMIGREES BY DEGREES.

The older folks, the arthritic types, are finding the cost of living too expensive.

The PPP are now trying to rush into the gold fields to lay a claim.  What do they know about gold and diamonds?  Gold work calls for a certain trust and honesty and it is not a silly-billy thing.  This industry has traditions, values and virtues that are both long standing and inherent and perhaps Mr. Robert Persaud should take hands off position and stick to what he knows best.  Talk half; leff half.


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