By EWALT AINSWORTH                              01 18 2012

Too many, too soon, too often, too alone die without a warm hand to hold or an instrument to create a living so that the complications and costs of an untimely and unilateral death can be contained.  The Government can surface and allay the fears by promoting normalcy in family values.  Politicians have a bounded duty to align comfort care with the elderly, give encore and local employment, provide market driven social security policies and give a plural outlook to community development.  Godfrey Chin’s death this week is the wakeup call for moral and ethical abundance.  Living alone should not be the recreational sport of older human beings, irrespective of their station in life.

Ten years ago this plight was drawn to my attention by my former boss Allan A Fenty.  He filled me in on his peculiar lifestyle, refusing to operate on both floors of his home in South Ruimveldt because his wife and adult goods had to move to North America and find food.  In a nutshell he was not cantankerous but used himself as a living example.  At the time he did not have a living will but spoke boldly about the  endless and disgusting possibilities of being exploited especially when loved ones have to eke out a living far away…no fault of their own.

Flowers have to bloom where they are planted and it is  disgusting to see a n entire society has to be spat on, castigated exploited and denied dignity just because of ill-formed and ill conceived ideologies.  Trinidad is putting us out; Barbados is turning us back by the plane loads and Suriname, our closest neighbor has us down as arch criminals.

There was a time when men ventured into the gold, bauxite and manganese mines a quarter at a time to eke out a living.  They treated Kurupung, Linden and Port Kaituma as hostels and came back to the villages and towns regularly.  Today, those men are left alone and the women are going to Baltimore, Brooklyn, Toronto and Long Island.  They are exploited and working for low wages and without benefits, social hours and weekends to give soup and SMA for a few pennies to keep the lights on and a LAPARKHAN barrel full with stuff from the DOLLAR store.

Everything Guyana needs can be found within the borders but the PPP in a deliberate effort to create a cast class system, is pitting one group against the other.  Apartheid may be more apt and applicable in curry-favor and flavoured Guyana.  Only the rich will survive as the lonely are left to their own devices.  The more educated and gifted you are under the current system, the more likely you are to be trampled upon and slip through the cracks.  The PPP has made poverty an equal opportunity disease; if you know someone who is alone, be assured you are not alone.

The PPP has also been indulging in self-wayfaring and rewarding themselves more for the little they have done and expecting more to come.  The more in this case is more misery, more future ex-wives, more sickness, more blackouts, more madness, more drugs and more impotent politicians prostituting their talents for a dollar.

Men, especially who would have accomplished great heights in their particular field of study or profession have a habit of kicking to the curb their wives, family and friends.  They drink quietly as a recreational sport.   Some 70 per cent of GT folks who live alone have an addiction and it can be any or a combo of smoking, gambling, sex, shopping, consuming barbiturates, pornography, eating, bestiality et al.

Women too are breaking into this recreational sport, half as much as men, and this is because both groups distrust each other, they also distrust the doctor, the banks, the lawyer, the clerks, the police, the pastor and the teacher. Their offspring, siblings and communities at large are all in the same category.  There is a national disease and it is called TD…trust deficit.

These older folks while alive will always signal the need to have their own space, place and pace of living and not to be caught up in the rat race.  Too often, living alone is preceded by drinking alone.  It is also a recreational sport to see these fogies shutter themselves in shut off the lights, hide their pensions, skimp on their medications and disallow friends, family and hired help to get near to them.  These folks even distrust their own shadows and live a  sequestered life until the grim master comes calling with grace; often times a disgrace.

This week Guyana lost a champion designer, historian and philatntrophist Godfrey Chin.  Last year this time, we also lost another great foot soldier, news analyst, comrade and sports broadcaster, Clem David.  The attached poem is an acknowledgement to these icons:

See this link:

I sincerely wish I could write a poem for all the men and women too who are terrorized and traumatized by this government for speaking up and standing out in a crowd.  Some are shot in the buttocks while others are holding dark secrets of dysfunction, disease, disgrace, depletion, disdain and deplorable working/living conditions. The silence of those who choose to be alive is deafening.  Death too can be a symbol of hope and a design on a dime.

In today’s technology driven era with all the cell phones, laptops, PPP signature plate cars et al, people should be in closer contact and living together.  But not so anymore.  Living alone is now the national sport and a great recreational endeavor.

In this era of freedom of speech, there is no freedom after speech and so professional folks prefer to hide their thoughts, feelings and expectations behind walls of serenity and loneliness.  People do not want to get married anymore; even shacking up does not answer the lingering question of humanity, community and camaraderie.  In GT, even the flies are carriers of cameras and bad news; wherever two and three are gathered there will he (Jagdeo) be also….taken from the Providence manifesto.

Every man is for himself as he or she hides him or herself in a selfish self much to his or her own demise, disaster and detriment.

Mr. Chin was a great designer, author and commentator on social issues.  He was before he became a lonely man, left to his own eye witness account of his soul and forbearance.  He knew his own story best and everything that we say at this time, is mere speculation.  There will be no explanation in the Stabroek News except to say he is dead and will ask the rest of us not to shed any tears but be solemn in our respective play stations.

These are all wake up calls to the political administration to design and fashion a community where people must feel free as distinct from stay free to entertain both good thoughts and good deeds.  Front loading and up loading a few at the expense of the masses will not resolve, dissolve or involve the inner stresses and pains of good Samaritans.  People are falling like flies all around us annually.   Every day a throat is slit; every day a mini-bus kills another; every day a person commits suicide; every day a person succumbs to AIDS; every day the police shoots another gunman and every day another one puts gramxzone to his head.  The cumulative annual effect is 592 in each category. Yesterday it was Godfrey today it may be you…we are all  know somebody in each category.  The more you know, the more vulnerable you are; the less you know the better your chance of surviving the sport.


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