By EWALT AINSWORTH    01 17 2012


In this era of voice over Clem’ and Godfrey’s voices are over

592 we have lost a collective believer men of the soil nationals of Guyana

Clem David a year ago and now Godfrey Chin on his way to a greener pasture

Single men but not singular a time to pause for a brewing disaster

As the trust deficit is growing and sticking like a cancer


Clem was a patriot and fighter

Godfrey lexis and visual narrator

Always willing to double back and come with a new chapter

For the edification and entertainment of all in colorful regalia

One had a mike the other took a stand in multi ethnic multi racial Guyana


Clem was a Touchau for the commoner and radio pioneer

He loved his craft the nuances spontaneity and was cavalier

Godfrey looked at content context and worked with flair

To make GT bright and give new meaning clarity to the mundane


Both these boys who became men lived alone

Their task is ended; they did not struggle they did not fight or break a bone

They spoke a language of content consistent crafted in monotone

None of us will be able to duplicate replicate or clone

Clem was a stalwart Godfrey a pioneer from a terrific zone

We will miss you both as you journey to your new and permanent home


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