BY EWALT AINSWORTH             01 14 2012

Last Friday night and immediately after President Ramotar entertained his first press conference the Coffee Street boys met for their usual weekend tete-a-tete.  The brainiacs brought in some snook in rigor mortise from the Lyken fish shop and had some queriman braff and a serving of shine rice.

The beverage was ‘fly’ left over from the festive season (drinking rum is now a form of protest in sympathy for the GT community.)  One of the more pointed discussions had to do with the President expressing disappointment that Brother Raphael Trotman was made speaker and how racist Ramotar was overtly condemning the new Speaker.

The genesis of the conversation overturned the excursions into racism as against what was referred to as implicit egotism.

In my life time, I have heard arguments and I have heard arguments but this one beat all.

Actually I am paraphrasing.  Under the heading of implicit egotism, it is said that birds of a feather sit on the same limb.  People of like mind or same letters in their names go for each other.  Mr. Ramotar’s first name is Donald.  Mr. Trotman’s dad’s name is Donald and so it should be natural to think that they will love each other.  Nope.

People unconsciously gravitate to strangers who have a name with the same letters.  In other words, if your name is Hillary, your suitor/fiancée will be something like Hilbert and lives on a hill and works at the Hilton.  That person too may also live in Hillside, work at the Hilton and drive a Hillman Minx.

President Ramotar seems to be drawing his strength, guidance and counsel from an obscure source.  The Coffee Street group is of the strong opinion that there are other forces at work and none of them seem to be commonsense “unless he is suicidal and wants out.”

Implicit egotism also has to do with your formative years. Some people even before they develop language skills, display behaviors that leave them to cling to their own or type.  Mind you, it is not racism; it has to do with associations.

President Ramotar is not good for Guyana at this juncture because he is not prepared to play the hand that he was dealt.  Firstly, he picked a cabinet that was a total hangover from his predecessor.  After the election results, he should have quietly retreated to a quiet place and indulge the APNU and AFC in redistributing the cabinet positions to reflect the mitigating circumstances and the electorate.  But no, not Mr. Ramotar.  He brought in five new people and further created a new Energy and “Environment Ministry.”  All the black people were given minimalist and minimized positions while the East Indians, even though they do not have the desired expertise or experience, were shoved up and reallocated to better and greater things.

“The writing is on the wall and the cracks have begun to show that this will be a 40-over match.  The PPP has never been able to attract the brightest and the smartest architects for change; small change is on their minds.

Mr. Granger has studied them and where there is vision there is also provision.  People are always attracted to people who look like them and sound like them.  Perhaps Mr. Ramotar as one of his first meet-the-people tours will have to pay a visit to the archives or register of births and deaths.  There he would see the ‘Dees’;  Desmond is married to Desiree; Denis married to Dawn or Denise who hopefully becomes a dentist, lives in Demerara or De Hoop.

“Racism is not part of the equation and it is more about implicit egotism and the failure of the PPP to honor commonsense and implicit associations.


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